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Artist: Custom Made Gangstas
Album:  If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table
Song:   I'll Be Around
Typed by: Lil Hustle

C.M.G. Young Don, Lil' Head I see ya baby
I appreciate it, welcome to the family
A.G. you know what it is, we gon discuss this
With these chicks for a minute, check it

[Lil' Keke]
I got this chick, that I been digging for a minute
She let me do my thang, when I'm crawling up in it hey
We on the highway, top down breezy
Super fine she a dime, nigga please believe me fa sho
I pulled up, and she passed the test
Nice ass flat stomach, and some beautiful breasts

whoooa baby, oh baby

Hey, Four Seasons and plenty of reasons
Just to take you to the top of the world, you know girl
That's right, sophisticated with a devilish smile
She a killer, you just might need a chinchilla but yo
A hood nigga, drank and smoke good nigga
Older wiser, and stacks got bigger

Whoooa baby, oh baby
Because, I'll be round
Baby, I'll be round for

Hey girl, what you looking all upset for
Straighten your face up iight, straight up

[Lil' Head]
You my number one lady, plus my number one baby
I place nobody before you, I cherish you greatly
You been good with your patience, putting up with my shit
No disrespect, that's why I officially made you my bitch
My ride or die no lie, I'm glad I got you
Anything you need, best believe you know I got boo

Say, you been through a lot of shit with Head
Baby, that's why I cut for ya (iight)

[Lil' Head]
Stuck with a nigga, even when I went and got two
Hoes to eat my dick up, when I was full of that liquor
Cried your little heart out, when you went found them pictures
With five naked hoes, that's sitting round your nigga
Couldn't lie, couldn't tell you a story you had proof
But you still here, so spoiling my bitch is past due


Yeah, it's A.G. hollin' at ya baby
Trying to figure out, why you love me so much
Trying to figure it out, yeah

Hey what the bidness baby, A.G. spitting at ya
I know it's been a minute, since I been getting at ya
And you been getting at me, and now you hinting at me
How you want me to be, your number one man
But you gotta understand, that I make moves
Shake fools, and stack enough cake in case I break rules

Yeah, and that's what's up baby huh
So let me break it down, let you know what you need to do

Don't even trip, just swallow the seed
And let me nourish this game, while you follow my lead
Then everything, will be lovely and fine
Just like your attitude and body baby, lovely and fine
I ride for you, you ride for me
And that's the way, that this thang is suppose to be