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Artist: Custom Made Gangstas
Album:  If You Ain't Hungry, Don't Come to the Table
Song:   Appreciate Love
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Man, appreciate everything you know
Mama, don't know what I'd do without you baby
Single parent, I had a daddy
Didn't have no father, feel me

[Hook - 2x]
I appreciate love, and I need your help
I'm a healthy grown man, trying to do it myself
And my life ok, cause I'm blessed with fortune
But family at home, it's just so important

[Lil' Keke]
I got three special ladies, they the love of my life
That's my mama and my granny, and my soon to be wife
I look back ten years, and I'm asking why
Why would I have to lose, if he gave it a try
I put my best foot forward, try to take that step
And I see why now, Jesus had to wept
I'ma rap till I can't, and it's no mo' left
And I do this shit for love, not just fame and wealth
This for mothers in the war, who have lost their sons
Coming home in a box, bullet wounds from guns
This for fathers in the world, shedding tears today
Cause his daughter 15, diagnosed with AIDS
And he crazy, dear God it's amazing
And what I'm 'pose to do, with this son that I'm raising
A load on my mind, and a train on my back
It's like I'm close to a stroke, and my heart might attack

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
Mama stayed in my ear, trying to preach the good book
But I played in the field, trying to reach the hood crook
Appreciate, all the lessons I still got
I was dumped at plenty, but I didn't get shot
I done made collect calls, wrote letters from the letter
Plus I took you through a lot, but we made it through it all
My downfall, I was so misguided
And everything under the sun, mama I tried it
I grew up nextdo', to some crooks and killers
And my Uncle Casper, was a real guerilla
Uncle Baby was the first, to let me drive his car
Uncle Ray didn't play, never lost a war
Uncle Reggie done twenty, and he still in the Penn
And I don't know if I'ma ever, get to see him again
Taught me everything I know, and I share they love
South Park Herschelwood, it's just all in my blood

[Hook - 2x]

Keep the money cars, clothes and homes
Just give me fam, cause that's all I need to move on
Yeah now ain't no sense, I'm in line without them
It's no me, cause when nobody gave a damn mama loved me
And hugged me, never judged me
Even though she know I was doing my thang, where the thugs be
Staying out all night, and disrespecting her house
Made a few wrong moves, now I'm checking me out
But you always by my side, and you always will
And when it comes to this rap, this is how I feel
But still, I'm a grown man now
I just took what y'all taught me, made my own plans now
So I'ma stand, on my own two feet
And do what I gotta do, to eat
So just take a seat, while yout boy make the mission complete
And see your son be a star in the streets, for real

[Hook - 2x]

Family at home, Living Deal Ke-da-we
Know I'm saying, C.M.G. this what it is man
It's about family at home
That's what's important man, put your survival kit
You know put it first, one love yeah
I appreciate love, and I need your help
Do it myself, cause I'm blessed with fortune
It's just so important, and I need your help
Try to do it myself