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Artist: Clipse f/ Pharrell
Album:  Stuntin' Y'all (Single) *
Song:   Stuntin' Y'all
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* cut from retail release of "Hell Hath No Fury"

Uh! Uhh! Uh! Uh-huh!

[Chorus - Pusha T] + (Pharrell)
I'm achieving, happy to be breathing
They stuntin y'all! (I'm stuntin y'all!)
Diamonds with brothers giving off 2K colors
Disgusting y'all! (disgusting y'all!)
On my road and going my way nigga
I'll cut ya off! (I'll cut ya off!)
So, let me live or that .45 living
I'm touching y'all! (I'm touching y'all!)

[Verse 1 - Pusha T]
What's the talk of the sophomore jinx?
Got jewerly like I robbed the Sphinx
Got money like I robbed the Brinks - truck
Fuck y'all niggaz that pray for my ship to sink
I'm a problem, coupes I copped them left to right
The garage looks like the Bat Cave at night
He who tips scales, off that fish scale
Hands gracefully brush them keys like it's brail
Safeties on guns don't sit well
Send new shells to old foes, suckas!
Bail like oh no! flows is so cold
Hoes stick to me like gum to shoe soles huh!
He's vain, 88 you're thinking, 2004 - resurrection of caine!
Here I am, such a young baller
Flow shows promise, like LeBron James
I bring life to the game


[Verse 2 - Malice]
Niggaz is losing it, out they mothafuckin mind
How another nigga talk about mine, I must be doin it
They must see, a signaficant rise in my stock
Multi-colored jewels, wit hues of blue in it
Or take you the real estate, where the realest gate
Outline the perimeter, I'll show you where we're doin it
Hear the new, the Clipse is huge
And these crews continue to hate, like Ebenezer Scrooge
But it's cool, I too once, averaged the same
Til I got slick, took risks, carried the 'caine
Then I cooked shit, pushed it, married the game
Now these days, I just 52-karat the chain YES!!
I pump base to the projects
I was Tyrannosaurus Rex to the pyrex
These dudes can't wait to see the doom of me
But big deals, so what, what's new, humor me, bitch!


[Verse 3 - Pusha T]
Do-ray-me, fo-so-la-ti
Oh my God, the - wrist stay +Rocky+ like +Balboa+!
The bar's been lowered, here to raise the quota!
Keep guns in pairs, I am the ghetto's Noah! (PW: True!)
Nigga need horseshoe for luck
Tryna test a - flow like such, jewels like Tut
Children hush, while King Pusha speakin
Or paramedic you'll be seeing fa real

It's every bit what it seems! these is dreams I'm living out
The ride I'm getting out's a fraction of the house
Your living can't obstruct my vision
Franck Mueller jewels, I'm convinced this is living!
It's a given cats gon flap that tongue
Till I appear then cat got tongue, better relax
'Fore I clap that gun, perhaps even collapse that lung
Trust in me that that gat's no fun, one!