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Artist: Clipse
Album:  NBA Live 2004 Soundtrack
Song:   Game Time
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[Intro - Pusha T]
Uh, NBA, It don't get no better than this, uh
Pusha, one half of the Clipse
We ain't playing no games

[Verse 1 - Pusha T]
Kings of the court, hold down fort
Worlds collide, when we crash the boards
In the playgorund, they call the Street Lords
In the pros, we live for the crowd roar
And what else can you steal - bang - slash
Run, but all in fun
That's what makes this number one
NBA comin in, second to none, uh
...{*Beat Plays*}..
...Highlight reels
Givin you the chills
Super hero status, what a baller feels, uh
Fast break, right/left fake
Charge to the rim, like runaway freight
No time to waist, don't hesitate
Tear the rim down, make the whole house shake

[Chorus - Clipse]
When they cut the heat up, and the pressure's mountin
It's game time playa
When you go in OT, wit the shot clock countin
It's game time playa
When the double team "D", got you surrounded
It's game time playa
When it come off the glass, better rebound kid
It's game time playa

[Verse 2 - Malice]
Clear the lane, he's high oc-tane
All gased up, that dude got game
Three point land, that dude got range
Swish, beat the buzzer that dude got aim
Ain't about the fame, but the love for the sport
Blood sweat and tears, seen thier hunger on the court
Ain't nothin stoppin the "D", like ain't nothin stoppin me
From droppin three from top of the key
Ankle breaker, crossover faker
Down low in the paint, better get ya weight up
Welcome to the lime light, Sports Center highlight
Livin the high life, round ball is my life
The fans grew silent, and the crowd is in shock
From the 360 windmill, hear a pin drop
Slow motion seem like, all the glass drop
Today in the life, come on, pass the rock, uh

[Chorus x2]