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Artist: Clipse
Album:  Exclusive Audio Footage
Song:   Watch Over Me
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[Pusha T]
Lord, I've seen em comin
Please don't take my breath away from me while I'm runnin
They got me jumpin, from these slugs that they gunnin
Simple and plain, it ain't a game no more, they headhuntin
Listen, Lord, I'm scared, fearin for dead
I'm racin with these hollow points which slip past my head
Who ever said that life's easy? Come teach me Lord
Cause it's the only way for you to reach me
So - many - nights - I've - cried
So - many - times - I've - lied
So - many - of mine - have died
But I - still keep you - inside
Lord, help me get away, give me some wings
so I can fly away, please don't let my family cry today
No longer am I choosin the wrong over the right away
Anything you say, just show me a brighter day, huh?

[Hook] {X2}
My eyes are so scarred
Blind, so I go hard
No matter the robbery
I hope he watches over me

Lord, I never asked you for none of this
Now I'm contemplatin suicide, how it come to this?
Lord, please explain what we livin in
How I know right from wrong but still choose livin in sin
Lord, if this a test, can you tell me that
will I pass or at the end will I feel your wrath?
I try to do right but the wrong always held me back
My moms tell me this but the flack tell me that
Lord, listen, I know you see the way we act up
With no remorse for the cats who got clapped up
I told them once, turned around, even told them twice
Tried to let em live but by the third it was nothin nice
Lord, is there a clue that you can send me
to help me out just so that you don't condemn me?
What would you have done had you would've been me
How was I to know money bred envy? Uh

[Hook] {X2}

Lord, how do I live in a world that is so insane?
With little joy but there's double pain
I know you gonna see everything that's on my brain
And I don't make the rules, I only play the game
And I'ma win, lying, cheating or stealing
If robbing means that I'm eating, I will
If I gotta live this life then I'm packin a steel
Survival of the fittest and I go for the kill

[Pusha T]
Uh, Lord, if you want then I will listen in
Temptation is a bitch, diamonds be glistenin
It's like the Devil be comin up and kissin men
Had Terrar out there hustling, missling
When I speak, you don't always respond back
Right now, you got me waiting on the call back
Lord, I beg that you don't ever let me fall back
Regardless what I do, you know where my heart's at right?

[Hook] {X2}