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Artist: Clipse
Album:  Exclusive Audio Footage
Song:   Stick Girl
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[Pusha T]
You know I told you
You know I told you
I got a girl, ma
Yo, yo-yo
I got a girl, ma

Kind of dramatic, her eye contact was sporadic
I stared so long, then eyes blinked, really magic
Situation turned tragic, mission - undress
It seems for me to be a force of habit
Yo, the ill twist, my girl finds out
She'll slit her wrist, so play your position
You the stick girl to laugh at with my chick girl
The trick girl, tennis shoe after I hit girl
OK, your perspective connects with my objective
Soon together we'll make the form of collective
Collaborate, for my friends you'll have to masturbate
Another incentive just to ensure that you graduate
On to the next one and the next one, throughout the crew
To sever the ties between me and you
The lust turn to love, so push turn to shove
Out the door you gon' be, rain dance like a Comanche

[Hook: Pusha T]
Blowin up my pager while we at the spot
I told you, got a girl ma (ha, ha)
Don't be tappin on my shoulder while I'm at the bar
I told you, got a girl ma (ha, ha)
What you think she gonna disappear like "wa-lah"?
Nah I told you, got a girl ma (ha, ha)
Wave your hands in the air if you feel the guitars
I know I told you, had a girl ma (ha, ha)

Yo, as a matter of fact, my girl type all that
So loud talk, making scenes, it can't be like that
Me and you spending time, how you see all that?
Did your friends say I got ends that stack?
Just because you got an ass that can clap like that
Don't me you that fly that you can act like that
But you can be my stick though (stick girl)
What's good for me is also good for my click though
Cool 'less you front in the Soho, rockin logos, cause when you go low
Blow like I like on the mic singing solo
Malice hit the charts for rhyme and spine tappin
Never been the one for wine and dine action
Your attraction to me, strictly fashion
Ice outfit, looking like I'm an Alaskan
I'm askin, can we keep it on the DL?
And do how we do, no need to go into detail


[Pusha T]
Stick girl, don't get your feelings involved, cause feelings get robbed
It's time for you to leave when I feel your heart throb
You rounding up your chicks, thinkin you bout to mob
You followin my car when you need to be at your job
Stick girl, this ain't nothin but a game to me
You angry but you got what you came to see
You couldn't break or bend me so you fell off track
Glaze over, time's up, ain't no room to react, stick girl...

You're not the misses, you're more like the mistress
Who be gettin fresh backseat of an LS
With the fellas, sharin like fam, never jealous
You never done nothin like this, that's what you tell us
But bet you do the same for the next that whip a Lex
I'm only down with sex that's safe and triple X
Sippin Vex in the moonlight, that get the moon right
Do it from the front or the back, whatever you like

[Hook] {X2}

[Pusha T]
Stick girl
Stick girl
Stick girl
I know I told you, had a girl ma (ha, ha)
Stick girl