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Artist: Clipse
Album:  Till the Casket Drops
Song:   Freedom
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{"Speak of freedom, sing of amber, waves of grain"}

With every line written, and all I have given
Music's been nothin' more than a self-made prison
I've taken inmate loses at the hands of this one
My pen's been the poison to family and friendships
Now is time to mend shit, time to bring closure to
The clear conscience of Pusha is long overdue
Thinking to myself, what can I be owin' you?
They only tell you you're great when they reminiscin' over you
Before I trouble T-boy, it's just a D-boy
Let me play the role of a common on his B-Boy
Speaking my truth in rhyme, no matter how bland it is
A heavy heart lightened that's just what my ransom is
All apologies, I bear the cross, I wear the blame
We in the same group but I don't share my brother's pain
Not to confuse, our sentiments are all the same
I just don't feel nothin', I'm numbed by the will to gain
Same thing brought tears to innocence
I turned away and didn't even flinch
The music drove me crazy
Looked up and lost the first bitch I ever wanted to have my babies
Nowadays she can't even face me
I'm sorry for the heartbreak
I promised you forever my lady, Jodeci baby
Pompous motherfucker! Just look what them jewels made me
I'm only finding comfort in knowing you can't replace me
What a thing to say! But what am I to do?
I'm role-playing a conscious nigga and true is true
Cocaine aside, all of the bloggers behoove
My critics finally have a verse of mine to jerk off to 
.... I owe you all

{"Speak of freedom, sing of amber, waves of grain"

This is where the buck stops, here is where I draw the line
I touch the hem, God's work is so divine
I seen the error of my ways over time
Never to return, Malice-ous has been refined
Like wine, wit' time I get better
Napa Valley vintage, my flow is fermented
Now drink of me, as if I bought the bar
Run to these words as if there's no tomorrow
Nevermind my car, careful what you wish for
Behind every curtain the devil and his pitchfork
Jealousy, I ask thee, what is this for?
How was I to know I was happy being piss-poor?
No, whore, that's not love, we was fuckin'
In search of a chickenhead, you was cluckin'
I was lustin', we were both out of order
I shoulda known better as I'm reminded of my daughter
Am I my brother's keeper? - For himself, everyman
And I have been your reaper, there's blood on my hands
Accept me as your keeper, there's been a change of plans
Careful what you speak of, I come to understand

{"Speak of freedom, sing of amber, waves of grain"}

What more do you want from us, huh?
What more can you ask?
We give you everything!
We lost life! We lost love!
We lost family behind this shit!
This shit you call music - we call this shit life!
We gave you proof, we gave you this shit!
We gave you truth!
Do I entertain you, motherfucker?!?
Well, dance then, bitch!
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the casket drop
Til the Lord say, "Stop"