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Artist: Clipse f/ Pharrell
Album:  Til the Casket Drops
Song:   Counseling
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[Chorus - Pharrell]
Look at that ass just bouncin'
Oh, god, I need counselin'
Images in my head steady houndin'
Oh, god, I need counselin'
You don't want to bring your chicks around me
Oh, god, I need counselin'
How many chicks do I got? I'm still countin'
Shhh, man, I need counselin'

Hey! I think I got a problem... problem...
And I need an open ear to try to solve 'em
Having a hard time pickin' out my darlin'
So until then I guess I juggle all 'em
Nah, I ain't gonna beg my pardon
'Cause I don't shop for none  of ya'll bitches at all
BEE... Sippin' on the sweetest of Chardon-NAY
I balls, I don't bargain, SEE?
I used to be all about the fat ass
Then I found a cutie with a flat ass
Good hair, nice smile, but a flat ass
Two-outta-three, shit, I couldn't let that pass
Doc, what you gonn' 'bout this?
'Cause I ain't got a clue 'bout this
I'm use to getting what, when I want, where I want, how I want
Then them girls holler, "You ain't shit"


So many chicks I can't pick a favorite
My shrink even say my behavior's sick
The hips, to how shorty lick her lips
Just a few thoughts that come to mind as I reminisce
Temptation, always been my nemesis
A few sips then take it back to my premises
Innocence lost once again
How could we be more than friends?
Baby, don't be mad, think back on all the fun that we had
The love we share is so cheap like a E-class
You ain't alone, I too am a sleaze bag
I guess I need a celebrity rehab because
Ain't no real chance in love, all my wrong-doings forbid me to trust
Oh, God, forgive me for lust, don't let another heart get crushed
C'mon, yo


[Break - sung]
You're sneakin' in the doorway late last night
But I ain't got the will to try and fight
These bitches steady houndin'
Think you'd better go to counselin'
Then maybe you should keep inside

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe, just maybe
It's hard findin' time, can't tell me I'm lazy
The way my phone ring may seem a bit shady
I'm 'bout my cash money, ma, maybe it's baby
How you persuade me, via email
Fresh out the shower, sendin' pics from your cell
Wishin' I was there, takin' a flick myself
And then hate to leave
I can't afford to leave a trail