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Artist: Clipse
Album:  Til the Casket Drops
Song:   Champion
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[Pusha T talking]

[Pusha T] [Chorus]
I'm a champion, shorty I'm a champion
I been around the map now I'm on my victory lap, hey hey
See I'm a champion, shorty I'm a champion
While other niggaz crashing em, hey I'm just steady mashing em

Tell them what you told me, ok.. [8x]

[Pusha T]
They say I'm shining dog, you see these diamonds dog
They say I'm shining so hard I like to blind em dog
You got a problem dog? ..well you can bring it on
I got at least 100 shots and you can get em all

Hey! I did it!.. I really did it!
I'm like the poster child for niggaz that just get it, get it
I'm supposed to smile for my niggaz who aint here to live it
I'm putting money on they books so they can ball in prison
And feel the spirit of a boss
Dual pipe exhaust, all we know is to floss
I'm cocaine Cassel and throwing bombs to Moss
My bitch keeps the newest and the latest
A street nigga, she know I'm the greatest.. hey, hey
Hold up that Rose, pouring half the bottle out
If you from where I'm from, you know why I'm showing out
Overcame the odds, so we overdue them cars
We done balled around the world,
Now we reaching for the stars.. hey, hey


If only I had gotten what I had deserved
Lord knows, I would of been done left this earth
Or either in somebody's jail, rotten that's my word
If not yourselves, then you need to have them kids in church
Mistook my work, for selling crack
You should of got more out of it then that
My Grandma would say "boy you backwards as the hat"
Rather in a trap, NFL draft pick or rap
Virginia's for hustlas, hustlas get it back
I thought that life was a bad bitch, bad car
Life is with your kids watching Madagascar
In the headrest of the H3 with crash bar
Rocking Play Cloths, every day's a cat walk


[Pusha T]
Been there, done that, fell off, got back
Real nigga shit, only champions can talk that
Earn my respect, niggaz hating cuz they want that
Been to hell and back, only champions can walk that

Talk that, put yo money where ya mouth is
Tee off on the green, golf courses where the house is
A long way from pumping out housing projects
Investing in real estate, weighing out my prospects