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Artist: Clika 1/La Clika
Album:  Clika One
Song:   Deadly Sins
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I got this mother fucker staring at me
Should i hit him up with the heat?
And leave him dead in the streets
I think bout to be desised
But they's a mother fucking want to be fool
I seen'em crying when my homie put a got to his face
Somebody lieing,Everybody dieing, trying to get slick
I put the clip in and sqweezed to my shit don't kick
Reload and trip some more
Lord forgive me cause i love the way the gun blow
kissing on my automatic clicking where the trigger go
Blow your mother fucking head off
I bout to set it off
20 hollow points of your brain
I'm bout to let 'em off
You mother fuckers ain't shit trying to be hard core
You think you're bad cuase you let your bullets rip
through my front door
I think you tried try to disrespect me
I leave that ass leaking come on and test me
I rest in peace any enamys
And leave 'em blind
That's what you get for try to fuck with mine

[one man talking]

We can do this anyway you want doc
What a wonderful chance
Or we can all get down
You know? we can all fuck this plase up

I trust no man but my solo fucking crime partner
You just got to know who's real and the one's who are
You know them liltle rats that got your back but they
start to run
You know them liltle lives that shit their pants when
shit pops off
Ask yourself is everyone down to with your team?
He might look real mean but they look they decive
The biggest baddest locos get their head bashed in
Seen some of the best of 'em
Get tossed in trash cans
See is not what you say, It's what you prove
It's not what you got, Cause it's what you can loose
A puto dies a thounsands times, A soildier dies once
It's hard to show love
When the push comes to shove
You might be binded by blood
But your bound by your honor
If you can't hold your ground
Then your ass is a gonner
It's just the envy in mind
That's when evil accurs
But from what he procives
Then i guess he desurves

[one man talking]
A braking hole
they say is all back
Now they all around and talking a lot of shit
Now that's the result holmes
They say they're going to take it in the office man
What's going to happen? What's going to happen?
Don't try to stop it
You understand me?
I'm asking you carnal

Conosi a un tal huero que tenia mucho dinero
Cocaina de Colombia, Sinturon echo de cuero
Le decian el mero mero con sus botas de culebra
Cuerno de chivo en el dedo para protejer su yerva
Trato echo con respeto, Coca,Chiva,Mariguana
Nos esperan en Nevada si cruzamos la Tijuana
20 Kilos de la buena 15 metros pa' llegar
Ponte listo Jalisqueno no te vallas a rajar
Le ensene mi mika chueka no nos dejaro pasar
Pero chingen a su madre a mi me tienen que matar
Le apunte y dispare
Yo no lo pude creer cayo muerto en el suelo lo patie
como pele cuando pense
Que por seguro estabamos torzidos
Salio el huero bien prendido disparo el cueno de chivo
El huero no los dejes vivos
Si no maman me la pelan
Traficantes mas chingones siempre cruzan la frontera