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Artist: Clika 1
Album:  Clika One
Song:   Can't Live My Life Without You
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Whuts up mija
Its been a long time since we havent talked
I just want you to listen
Dont talk just listen

[Verse One]
We were from crushing to liking to love
And fighting had me hitting cigarettes like buds
So check it out see there I was
Focus how seen through my mistakes
And learn that love is not a game
It made me smile and kept me happy too
So love is not to blame, I quit on giving excuses
I though I gave her the world
But didnt see that luck of love and song was taking my girl
Who always grabed on me, she even helped on my songs
I guess its true you never miss some one until they're gone
I should of fans in my pap and shit, should never left with my friends
And even now with the money, love is making no sense
So women all along, begin of doin wrong is known
To have this little voice inside, keep movin then
I should of known it all along
That every time I left her home
I sho gave her the perfect explanation to her doin wrong
Its been a long time
But some how it seems like it just happened yesterday
Them words she just to say
Some how they just keep getting in my way tellin me

[The Girl [2x]]
I don't really want to have to live my live with out you babe
I promise I'll be good to you, I know it's all about you babe

[Verse Two]
You know its fun how they say how
You get only one shout out at true love in a live time
And I guess this is my shout out
Its to bad things didnt work out the way we wanted them to
I guess this is just how it goes
I look into your eyes
And I seen a tear drop fallin
And it broke my heart that it was my fault
But I can't change me
See I never felt love before and its killin me
And I see you were down for me
Since I was around the abusers
And users for the name for the game
For the fame but they werent the same
And you came with the real and you never lied
But you got a man and you need to be by his side
Cause when enemies come
They come for the ones that you love
And I swer to god
I will empty my home and my own chest
If I knew you were layed to rest
Sometimes the hardest things are the one left for the best
And I gave you my heart
But I don't want it back you could keep that
Cause its yours
Love in memory
The love that could never be
In a physicall form
And you and I both know
That if you won some you lose some
So we walk away
For being in love
Daim, as I turn away I could hear you say
I don't want to live

[The Girl [2x]]

[Verse Three]
Baby doll your the one I want to be with
The are the kind of girl I want to be seen with
If you see what I see
It could be me and you
With the love is really true
You be one i'll be true
Whats amatter baby boo
I'm ma be comin to you hard
Comin out hard like a world on bulevard
Got the keys to my heart
You were knoking on the door
Door was always open
I was wishing
I was hopping
You could see in my eyes
I ain't got to lie
I don't give a fuck
If I rollin new truck
Cause of money can't buy
True friends and the trust
All the love
All the loss we discused
Wuts the matter baby
Tell wuts matter wit you
Tell me why you mad at me
Tell me if I can
Baby I can be your man
Do you really understand
That I'm doing all I can
But the snitches and the bitches
Are fuckin up my plans
Cause I am what I am
And I do what I do
Its fucked up getting cought
With the love that ain't true
Like the first all around like crazy little kids
Im a sucker for the love
Anything like you did
The second time around
When you whispered in the wind
Rumors go around
Then your cought up in the twist
No matter what they say
Try to durty up my name
No matter I'm a lobo
And I'm never ganna change
But no matter what they say
Baby its o.k.
If you want to have fun
We coul have it that way
Im a lover
Im a fighter
Im a rapper
Im a writer
I am loking for a hyan that is proper
That will give me all the time of the world
To the head to the toe
From the back seat park
From the part of the road
Give me one last dance
Give me one last chance
With the one mans girl that I'm living with out

[The Girl  [2x]]

But see realtionships
You give what you put in
And you get what you deserve
See I got what I deserve
And I made it like that

[The Girl [2x]]
Dont leave me alone
I coulnt make it on my own
Hope your o.k.
Im sitting waitin for the phone
I want you to stay
So baby when your coming home
Well what can I say you never
Home your always gone