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Artist: (Clika One f/) Brown
Album:  The Circle
Song:   Word to the Wise (Intro)
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Chorus: G-Money
I was given this world
Weight the chain that holds me
Survivin' the game that I gain
From O.G.'s (O.G.'s)
Cause livin' this life in this ghetto's
Gave all of my blood, sweat and tears
Respect me (Respect me)
Respect me (Respect me)

[Main Verse: Brown]
Open your eyes to ghetto sins
While puffin' on ghetto green
We keep the heat close, keep the bisto
Borned to be as a bee
Choked on the porch, drinkin' pisto
Keep it listo
So if you see the peeps come, they wanna twist us
And diss us
Fuckin' with us, because we look suspicious
They want a gang, five list us
Keep us in cuffs
Bring out the demons in us
I'm itchin' to bust
I think America is scared of us
Chicanos and thugs
We handle the drugs and thang with our hoods
Bang with our hoods, I represent the best that I could
We born to survive
But at the same time, we born to die
So stay high
Stay the fuck out of jail to stay alive
That's word to the wise (That's word to the wise...)
That's word to the wise (That's word to the wise...)

Repeat Chorus

[Spanish Gangster]
La conversacion es buenamente
A qui estamos divirtiendonos tranquilo, vez
Y debemos darle gracias a Dios, vez
Numero uno es gracias a Dios
Despues de gracias a Dios, viene todo
Mas nada
Debemos concentrarnos del futuro, men
Yo tengo una buena vida por venir toda la vida
Lo sabias tu
Una buena vida, men
Me va a bendecir Dios, debemos una vida celebrar
Tu veras
La cosa esta armada