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Artist: (Clika One f/) Bad Boy
Album:  The Circle
Song:   Woopty Woop
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[Bad Boy]
Uh oh
Come on

(Verse 1)
I used to know this dude named Woopty Woop
I won't say your name, but this one's for you
You used to be kickin' back in '92
Til the player fell in love with this bitch he'd screw
He gave
The hoochie all of his pay
He stopped comin' to bang after a couple of days
The pussy was the bomb, had a nigga all sprung
He was in love, like a motherfucker, made him a punk
And oh
Man, she was in it for the dough
And being who I am, I had to call him a hoe
She got you on lock, got you spendin' them ends
Why you gettin' some ass, you tryin' to hide for your friends
Man, I said, she was a hoochie
But what you did was paid her for the pussy
And being who you are
You got played like a trick
You switched
That's why we called you a bitch

Chorus: Bad Boy
If you are what you say, then this ain't for you
If you real with ya game, it's the same for you
But if you live, if you not, this is game for you
Man, some of y'all niggas is bitches too

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Wrote this cat named Jermaine, had to rock cocaine
With the house full of rock, but he had no game
Frontin' like a muh'fucker, flossin' his grip
Actin' like a hog while he's talkin' his shit
No one on the block ever gave him one love
Was doin' too much, cause he was greedy as fuck
Well, I ain't tryin' to knock him
But somebody is
A jealous motherfucker, we just call him a bitch
Robbin' from Jay
Cause Jay had the rock
The boy gotta go
Is the song on the block
No one ever listens, they just wanna get paid
Get in and get out
That's the name of the game
He changed
But don't be claimin' for bread
Got you for everything cause it got to your head (Punk)
A pig bitch
Ain't no better than him
But you switched, motherfucker, now you ain't got shit (Biotch)

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Well, the motherfuckin' moral of the story is
Can't no motherfucker say he had to tell me shit
I learned what I know from this game from you
That actin' like a bitch, it ain't the thang to do
Money over hoe, can't make me change
And talkin' 'bout the next man made some strange
But all I wanna do is try to keep it real
When pussy got a face since the dollar bill
So don't get played
And watch your ass
And hold your snatch
And fuck for cash
Is up for grabs
Let the punk ass go
Dick in trance
Man, fuck them hoes
The same for Jay
Watch your pay
Watch your friends, and
Watch your brains
Cause money, made
Can react like a bitch (Sshhh, I ain't telling you shit)
You know

Repeat Chorus Four Times