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Artist: Clika One (Bad Boy) f/ Roger Troutman, A.L.T., Lil' Rob
Album:  The Circle (Special Edition)
Song:   I Want to Be Your Man (Bonus Track) *
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

* Pre-censored before release

[Roger Troutman]
Sip that wine

Hook: Roger Troutman
I want to be your man
I want to be your man
I want to be your man
Want to be your man
I want to be your man
Said I want to be your man, girl (Baby)

[Verse 1: A.L.T.]
You drive me crazy
And you know them other women doesn't faze me
And all the homeys tried to call me whimp
But that's okay, because these ladies comin' full equipped
She got the body that makes me naughty, the curves and all
And on the court, baby doll could come and bounce my ball
I'm hittin'
Front and back, and side to side on her
And when I
Get home from work, I wanna slide on her
You see I'm
The kind of sister that be real to a man
She gonna pass on the sham and drink a brew from a can
And she ain't worried 'bout money and how I'm making it
She trust her heart and she ain't faking it
We sippin' wine and she be lookin' fine
I got her mind of my body and her body on mine, that's right
So let me hit you up on a plan
I said, "Tonight's the night" and "I want to be her man"

Repeat Hook

[Verse 2: Lil' Rob]
I know I was the kind of man you wanted, when I met ya
You asked me to sign your tetas and feel your piernas, showed me your lengua
Estas, why not, don't let nobody tell you different
You're into it, don't like to waste time, love to get intimate
Predicaments, I've got myself into a few of them
Stick and split, that's what I do with 'em, and then I was through with them
You think I want that type of girl
Walking by my side
One last wish, it was parle'in' at homeboy's ride with Homeboy
Getting high
I don't think so
I need a good woman who can cook
And a girl so fine, even other girls take second looks
And a girl who makes me miss her
I just can't wait to kiss her
When I get home, she whispers, in my ear the things I wanna hear
Likes to have a good time and
Try new things
That keep a smile on her face, no matter what life brings
I'll make her happy
She'll make me happy
If she can
You think you can, then baby doll, I, wanna be your man

Repeat Hook

[Verse 3: Bad Boy]
Now listen, my words is love and touches from a distance
I'm hard to understand, I kept my feelings in a prison
Thankful I met ya, different since I met ya
Put me in what I call under pressure, suggest to
Wait to connect, it's the love and respect
Or just a manner 'bout the money from the checks that I get
I'm guessin'
It's not an answer but a question
Let me know, my mind quit holding on to be aggressive
I feel I'm right, now holding on to your thoughts
If you don't speak, then I'm a judge by the way that you walk
The way that you are
Your looks could kill, you'll be my weapon
Holding you, I guess I'll get attention, intentions
To treat you right, I'm as good as they get
Don't judge ya, but by your description, just not righteous and {*shit*}
I gets a stance, as I speak on it, the dude that I am
I guess the truth's the way I see it, ma, you need ya a man

Repeat Hook

[Roger Troutman]
I said I want to be your man
Play on
I want to be your man (Bop, bop)
Shooby doo-bop, bop, want to be your man (Baby)
Shooby doo-bop, bop, bop, bop (I want to be your man)
Shooby doo-bop, want to be your man (Want to be your man)
Shooby doo-bop, bop, bop, jealousy (I want to be your man)
I want to be your man (Baby)
Shooby doo-bop (I want to be your man)
I want to be your man
I want to be your man (Lady)
Said I want to be your man
Want to be your man (Baby)
I want to be your man