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Artist: Clika One f/ Kurupt, Chiko Dateh, Don Cisco
Album:  The Circle
Song:   Gangsta Pimpin'
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Right now, you ready?
Yeah, let's do
Let's do it, let's
Yeah, nigga
Let's do it (Let's do it)
Bitch niggas on my nerves
Let's do it (Let's do it)
Subrubs in the curves
Let's do it (Let's do it)
You bitch niggas don't know
Let's do it (Let's do it)
Bosko, tobasco
Let's do it (Let's do it)
Kurupt, Young Gotti
Let's do it (Let's do it)
Let's do it

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Gangsta dippin' (Dippin')
We ain't trippin' (Trippin')
Dippin' and sippin'
Gangsta pimpin'
Smashin' by (By)
I love to get high (High)
Book and cook that bank like pie
Kurupt Young Gotti
The life of the party
Twin double-eyed shotty, twin double-eyed Gotti
Straight dippin' on bitches
Blacks and switches
Bouncin' off a ditch and bitch said, "Dick's delicious"
Is that right, bitch? (Bitch)
Well, ain't nothin' wrong (Wrong)
If she wanna eat dick (Dick)
Well, ain't nothin' wrong (Wrong)
That's gangsta pimpin' (Pimpin')
Dippin' and trippin' (Trippin')
I ain't trippin'
My Latinos and niggas
That's gangsta pimpin'

Chorus: Chiko Dateh (Kurupt in background) {E-Dubb scratching}
Gangsta (Gangsta pimpin')
Pimpin' (Gangsta pimpin')
You know, we, keep it
Pimpin' (Gangsta pimpin')
Gangsta (Gangsta pimpin')
You know, we, homies (Gangsta pimpin', gangsta pimpin') {"Gangsta boogy, gangsta boogy"}
Gangsta (Gangsta pimpin')
Pimpin' (Gangsta pimpin')
Rich lovin' when we dippin' (Gangsta pimpin', gangsta pimpin')
So you better hide your hoes, cause you know we gangsta
Pimpin' tonight (Gangsta pimpin', gangsta pimpin') {"Gangsta boogy, gangsta boogy"}

(Verse 2)
[Bad Boy]
You niggas better
Hide your hoes
I'm doper than the whitest coke
I spit on every line you bought
I keep a pistol in my Levis, G.P.I.
Click and it's on, so quit actin' like a bia (Bia, bia)
These hoes is here for me, not you
I fuck 'em til I be out glue
I drop 'em
Then I re-up two
Like 'ruption when he see ya blue
These gangstas wanna be like, who? (Me, nigga...)
I'm tired of wastin'
I wanna roll like Tais in Daze
I wanna roll like dices, gangsta (Biotch...)
Show me a hill, and I'll climb it wasted
D.P., G.P.I. (I...)

Yo, we them
Gangsta pimpin', G.P.I.
Fuck them bia bias
Keeps it P.I.
Til I D, I, E
Caught in the valley of the east of the V
Packin' a pistol with them baggies of that walked-up D
I gots to be
Promp-t-ly, walkin' on my tip toes (Walking on my tip toes)
These fiends actin' like I shit stones (Acting like I shit stones)
Now, how the fuck you think I get dough
You get no free-bee hits from
Me, nigga, get ghost (Get ghost)
The cost of give-me got me
Livin' on shit roast (Shit roast)
Go play me stupid
That's a insult (Insult)
I'll make the urban murder music
Cock the hammer for my intro
Now to the rhythm
Of my pistol, pull the trigger, with the impact of a missile
I'm a split ya

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Don Cisco]
Now I'm a raw dog assassin from the D.P.G.
Remotely controlled by Young Gotti
If he say, "Catch a body," then I gotta catch a body
Crash and smash
On your party faster than a Maserati
Drivin' with a fever of 110
After a couple hot tattis and a fifth of Hen
Too drunk to walk
So I'm stumblin' in
Down at the Dogg House with Dre, Snoop and Ren
Ciscon-E Gotti
That's the handle
Kick the steppin' like (Kick rocks, fool)
Toes in phantoms
Little mama got a thang for papa
This game we're talkin'
The way I swang my anaconda and the slang I'm talkin' (What)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 4: Brown]
Don't get it twisted, I'm a
Have to dip
Twistin' 'em 22's, man (2's, man)
The 7-0-deuce spin, burnin' 'em hoes in (Light that shit)
Gangsta pimps, with the Dogg Pound Gangsta
Bitch, you gotta bang to this
And blow a
Ounce to this, go bounce ya six
But don't, let my homies get around ya bitch (Come here, girl)
We got
Game to spit
A.K.'s for licks
A gauge and case
Some niggas wanna raid the crypt (Oh, that shit)
That's gangsta, though
I snatch a girl, headed back to the
Momo, in the back of the Tahoe (Come on, girl)
Bobby Flaco
Spit flows much liver than most
I'm liable to blows, some hot shells
Hot in my foes
I keep it gangsta pimpin'

Repeat Chorus

"Do it..."
"Do it..."