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Artist: Classified
Album:  Unpredictable
Song:   Why
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Why's this always happen, ay yo, looking in the future still feeling smothered
Rappers always acting, day after day, one time after another 
Life has got me trapped in, I can't jump these hurdles
I'm stuck in the circle, but I'm a be the last one laughing
It kind of makes me wonder, like damn, what happened to my people 
What happened to commitment dropping sequel after sequel
Was I the only one that wanted to finish what we started
Was I the only one that had the guts to work the hardest 
I guess so, cause you ain't nowhere to be found
Hey yo, my left blow could make an mc hit the ground
I'm in erect mode, whenever rhyming must occur
You prefer to take the path, do the math it won't add up
Won't take the ladder, combining data, mind over matter
Ain't really caring what ya do my glass will never shatter 
My pockets ain't no fatter from yesterday
But at least I got paid dues all over my resume
What, you don't pay dues you don't move
And ah, What, don't wanna lose you conclude, but ah
I ain't the one to point my fingers at the man
If the man can't hold his own, drop the microphone
Now what you think 

So why is life a trip, taking turns sharp like a razor blade
Avoiding people holding back like it was laser tag
Feeling trapped like I'm stuck in this obstacle 
People saying think straight but kid I can't think logical
Now what, what I'm supposed to do to switch this
Used to be about the money not the business
But times change so I modify the tactics 
Update the flow but still commit lyrical backflips
The gymnastic, master of the ceremony
While others coming phony I'll be off can't control me
So get a hold of me, let me know what's on your mind
I'm calling from your ladies house, star sixty-nine 
I ain't lying ask her what was her response
Did she say anything about activity on the lawn 
Probably not cause your girl don't kiss and tell, 
Missing action, should have kept the mic, now who's laughing, me 

Ah yo, my third verse, last topic of discussion
No introduction, but got you focused with no interruptions
Up to nothing, the way I won't commit this
Admit it, you did it, acquitted, forget it, yo 
I'm like the conscience that watches the steps you take
I'm like the teacher in this game that makes it levitate
Now I can hold my weight, so name another
Never once dropped my head and ran for cover
Or shelter, I melt ya, with flows I connect with
Respected, injected, mc's be infected
With disease, so I breeze by without a doubt
The illest coming out, what you think I talk about, what