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Artist: Classified
Album:  Unpredictable
Song:   Sound Off
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[Verse 1]
Ah yo I march to the mic with my hands out
Set and stand out, cut the band out
And let me hype man out
Take the mic stand now, excite hands down
Deleting competition and still stand proud
Constructive, over your head still productive
Got you hanging off my words, Class be seductive
Ya had enough kid, relax and listen
I'm sick of everybody in this rap game bitchin
First off, I'll make a few things clear
Don't be yapping in my ear bout some stupid shit ya hear
Take it from the source, Class no other
I'll bring it to your face to keep your mind from getting cluttered
Second, to the people disrespecting
Taking me for granite cause I'm unsigned, Fuck you!
I'll cuss who, ever wants to step to this essence
Now feel my presence, in every sentence, a message

Ground squad, Round off, Prepare, Crowns off
Found War, Now your, in for, downfall
Want war, got war, want more, got raw
Ground squad, sound soft, nah sound off

[repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
That's the bottom line right, now you can see where I be coming from
See what I'll be dealing with, understanding some of them
These people acting dumb to me, and I can't seem to concentrate
Then I got these other people, bitchin like they men-es-trate
That's my third problem never meant to lay it on ya
But life's a funny thing, I'll probley turn and blame it on ya
I need to keep my head straight, can't drink and such
But that's my forth problem, people say I think too much
But for the fifth, it's like this
Looking at the large few still ain't seeing shit
Got me wondering what's the reason for my rhyme
And so fucking tired, when people tell me it's a waste of time
I told ya, this is my life
If anybody's having any doubts you can die twice
One death for my soul, another for yourself
Now do the mathematics, or rewind and try to figure it out


[Verse 3]
And from one point to another, I'm lifting up my eloquence
And exercise my past days to see what things was relevant
My sixth point, intelligence, no one seems to use it
Wonder if I'm dissing ya I'll tell ya if I do it
Seven deadly sins, plus 9 pedestrians
One squad I represent, defeating us, guess again
It's takes the best of men to overcome the rest of em
Take the lesser men and rebuilt, ain't no questioning
Now who's impressing them, check the truer specimen
Hot like Mexican, take the proper steps to win
Problems next to him, but still will prevail
with a mic in my hand and the skill you should feel

[Chorus] - 2X