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Artist: Classified
Album:  Unpredictable
Song:   Unpredictable
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When I react on tracks I make necks snap with raw rap
Underrated too much but critics I don't follow that
You can't even dream of looking through my eyes 
And be compared to the same guy
Now open up your reservoir, all and all, Draining body fluids
Now watch me do it, or complicate the situation, screw it
Cause how the fuck you gonna play this game 
You took it far enough my turn erasing names 
I'll make an MC flips backwards, even let you rap first 
Blow away your format, how can you ignore that
Shit, your rap style expired long ago
Now you falling off plus your peoples like domino 
Here we go again
Classified saying same shit that he did back when
Well I'm pissed off and ain't getting no better
Seeing weak mc's on TV that's the reason that I'm fed up 
Chorus (2 times) 
Who be, I be, Class 
Verbal drug pusher 
Yall can check his pulse through your subwoofer, and 
Who me, what you
Heart beat provider 
Motivate myself to keep the rest of yall inspired
How's a ritual like this, treated pitiful and shit 
Looking for these individuals to verbally commit 
Take some action on your words, like speaking from the heart 
Talk about experience but never played the part 
Got some smart shit to say, don't ya
Rappers entering this game biting like a vulture and saying fuck the culture
Talking image like that's how you portrayed
While this cross eyed rapper dudes, reflecting off my attitude
Now drop the eloquence I never had it in me
And never seen no christyle ever in my city
So pop the great white and let's have a drink or two
Shit, I'm wasted on half a pint of vodka ain't you
Damn, I guess that means I'm pussy 
Never had no pressure in my life to push me 
Staying focused on the topic at hand 
To battle back from any mc or man, now that's that true shit
Chorus (2 times)  

I'm so sick with this microphone I feel ill 
Like I got 30 different people wanting shit like I was retail 
I'm done giving favors give back the pad and pencils
Perform accapella getting no more instrumentals 
Fuck potential son 
Cause you ain't got the heart or drive
You can talk what you want I'll emerge with a darker side 
My marker glides covers wide spread 
Plus reflect life on paper, the verbal vibrator
Bringing pleasure to these ears of these hip hop heads
Now fuck it Class bring it to everyone who is not dead
Shit you killing me, now forget the credibility
Let's compare stability, and willingly, lyrical ability 
Production wise, I can't be touched (I can't be touched)
And on the microphone I ain't the dopest, but still dope as fuck 
Conceited, and cocky, I call this confidence 
Innerself compliments with no equivalents, Now
Chorus (2 times)