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Artist: Classified
Album:  Union Dues
Song:   Average MC
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[Verse One]
Eh Yo
I ain't what y'all expect, ain't ya average MC
ain't drop a verse, with no purpose that ain't empty
ain't sporting gear, I know I can't afford
But I will snap next with the raps that I record
Classics.......ya average white folks
Drop you in your tracks lyricly I knock your lights out
I ain't one to strike out
The only rapper who ain't nice
Steppin' on a fine line like I'm walking type rope
I'm on the right route, but coming from the wrong place
Catch a tight _____Still performing on stage
And that's abnormal, y'all can't deny my statements
Ya can't deny my skills and ya can't deny I'm ill
But you can deny I'm forming, can't deny I'm awesome
Sick kid, with quick fist you'll never catch him flossin'
I'm like Blowwwwww, I stand out
Plus I'm dropping issues that you mutherfuckers can't doubt
Move and let this man out
I'm to reposes your brain
Readjust the game so y'all don't sound, look and act the same
And I ain't dissin' you, just trying to raise a point
Cause the things you trying to do are burring out like a joint

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Ain't what it should be, everybody yapping all the same
With the cars and the cash running like they going out
I got my mind made up, originality....
And one things for sure... I ain't ya average MC

[Verse Two]
This ain't your average thug, dodging slugs
ain't ya average rapper who grew up dealing drugs
I ain't the aver enemy to sucker punch and leave
Cause I'm the type to sucker punch and follow with a knee
So call me what you want I'll let the smoke clear
I'll be the same kid who drinks with authority and don't care
My rap style is out there, your rap style is everywhere
Don't sound like whats his name and so and so from down the block
And that ain't Hip Hop, that's bullshit
Got so many people now a days who are full of it
Watch me do a full flip and I'll reverse it in the air
Make all commercial rappers  in this game disappear
Take all wack producers, and break there beat machines
Block their frequency for they un consistence
y'all ain't shit to me, Cause I should be rewarded
I paid my dues ,8 tapes I recorded
I'm knocking tables, to stir it up a bit
And I ain't ya average fan kid I've had enough of it
Let me step it up a bit, on a level y'all can't see
Just recognize the fact that I ain't your average MC