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Artist: Classified
Album:  Trial & Error
Song:   This is For
Typed by:

(for the hip hop heads)
(for the MC's, for the Dj's)
(grafitti, the beatboys)
(please come up to the front)

Shit I'm up late
Tryin' to re-record my dubb tape
It's love hate-and this game is in a rough state
Some kids hate and wanna show up at my club dates
(go and talk shit I'll) shut you up with duct tape

This is goin' out to DJ's with vinyls
For every hip hop head-black to albino
Record executives who still got they spinal
Drop this for kids who wear they pants low in high school

(come on) And nothin' ever comes for free
Imma send this out to everyone who runs with me
Help me build up and live life comfortably
I'll remember everything that you've done for me

So let me talk
Clear out my brain and get props
Spit this for kids with a real love of hip hop
Fuck all the "blah blah blah blah same thing
where everybody says the same thing"
I can't stand that

This is for the girls who got their mans back
Can appreciate a song that ain't a dance track
Spittin' this right here for everyone who's original
Drop somethin' different not the same old

-mixed cuts for chorus-

(ya'll know the name)
class, get em' up
(claimin' that you pack heat)
(what-the fuck)
(represent hip hop, MC's, Dj's, grafitti)
(dancin' we be hoppin' and boppin')

-Repeat Chorus-

Yo I'll admit life is tricky
I know some kids in this game who'd die to hit me-jealous bastards
Open your mouth and you're gettin' slapped backwards
Drop this for kids who have a beer and are plastered

Spittin' this for the marajuana smokers
For anybody-high, drunk, or sober
I drop this for painters and every street breaker
The 5th element of hip hop-the beat makers

Got beef-we'll meet later
I got more important things to do
Then start shit and swing with you
(but bring your crew)

And when I got time
I'll spit a verse off the top of the head
"Your career seein' stop signs"

Drop rhymes
That make you stop tryin'
In the right mind
So I never pop mines

Can't afford lost time
I need to keep movin'
(I will win this game)
Cause I can't afford losin'

(go ahead) This is for the ones I hung around with
(go ahead) This is for the ones who kept me grounded
(and the rest of y'all) This is for the haters who hate me
Lately I couldn't care less-I wish you all the best


Sendin' this out to everyone in Halifax
Joe Run, Jolly Green, Flex Man, my man J-Bru, Bonshah, can't forget Ground
Squad, Spesh K, J-Bizzy, my little brother Mic B, M2R Entertainment, Trobiz
Mista Kaspa, TKO, (ha) and Dj Ivy on the cuts