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Artist: Classified
Album:  Trial & Error
Song:   Trial & Error
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I keep on steppin' with class (with class)
We been

I keep on steppin with class
Keep on movin, folks might even be hatin' me
But I shall proceed, yes indeed don't underrate me
(N-n-n-n-n-now) watch us do our thing
(We been) in and out this game
Comin' through with the mic in my hand
No guarantees but I take my chance

[Verse 1]
Rotate, everybody in the whole place
In a cold state, move with a bold face
Act criminal, ya'll like O.J
But we all know you safe like home plate
Class spit this rough like road rage
Where you comin' off? weekend low rates?
Oh great, waste of my patience
Wait for rotation on radio stations
Stress can't think
Off the wall, layin on the brink
Never need a shrink
Rap: my output
Feel it in the pen, write it in my notebook
I'm no crook, but don't think I wont fill your ass with both foot
And no you never lost your brain
You can't understand cause I talk with slang
Bent off the chain, trial and error
Track for track, mile of terror
Say what you want, cause I don't hear ya
Done with the gossip, visions clearer
Heads get twisted from talkin' hype
Like every emcee just lost his sight
? tight until I toss the mic
You ain't sayin nothin... get off the mic!

[Chorus] x 2

[Verse 2]
And ever since day one, stuck to my guns
Same outlook never changed none
And some people act strange and dumb
Sayin' I sold out cause fans I gained some
Anybody explain to me how this game came to be a fuckin' joke
Everything's goin' up in smoke, any day now I'm bustin' out
Class, got kids to pass, it's deeper than that you can't pass Class
Fall down, the get off your ass
It ain't a pep talk it's a lesson, the last
I ain't tryin to be a teacher man
But I will educate tryin to reach my fans
You ain't underground cause you make a ? track
You an armature, you ignore the fact
Got heads in the back about to flip off
Don't talk or you might get your lip popped
Start shit like super bowl kickoff
Take time like I just stole your wrist watch
Pay dues, shit I pay don'ts
Made some mistakes and I never fade out
Class got this game of lock

[Chorus] x 2