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Artist: Classified f/ Royce Da 5'9", B.o.B.
Album:  Self Explanatory
Song:   They Call This (Hip Hop)
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[Intro - Royce Da 5'9" - talking] (*echo*)
Classified, you lookin familiar
(They call this - hip hop)
Real recognizin real

[Verse 1 - Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, my Pradas and Guccis got me tied up with hoochies
My hotel room smell like a lot of paducy
I'm a God, I could crucify you
Exclude nobody, that means that it's you it applies to
If I was you, I'd leave it alone, I kill you or suicide you
You had a choice before they flew inside you
The best rapper alive, you better ask around
I got coke and a ho with a nose like a Basset Hound
You step up, I guarantee you I'm a back you down
Ask around, you show fear and get slapped around
Let's put the track aside, I fuck with Classified
Big balls, she suck my dick, she gon' move the sack aside
Don't fuck with rappin guys, that toaster pop up like a gat surprise
My motto is "kill, trap or die!"
Beef I dead it now, your piece set it down
I done already touched more kids than a pedophile

[Chorus 1 - Classified]
(They call this hip hop)
Yeah, don't matter where you from, where you came or where you goin
Keep it movin, get 'em open
(They call this hip hop)
Haha, I'm ready for it all
Got my back against the wall but I'm ready, never fall

(One more time)

[Chorus 2 - B.o.B.]
(They call this hip20hop)
It's the game that pays me (haha)
But somehow lately the game's been crazy
(They call this hip hop)
Yeah, I'm a '80's baby
So yeah my mama made me but hip hop raised me

[Verse 2 - Classified]
Uh, my favorite rap album ever?  Geez, let me see
Somewhere in between "Blueprint" by Jay-Z or either Dre CD's
Or maybe "Illmatic" by Nas
Or possibly "Doggystyle" by Snoop Dogg
Lived it like religion, critics called it modern day sorcery
'Cause I'd follow accordingly to what rappers reported to me
(I) started listenin around the age of twelve
And it changed the way I felt plus the way I raised myself (ha)
It never taught me shoot a gun or go and buy drugs
It taught me how to keep it real and don't be scared of who I was
It taught me how to grab a mic and grow an appetite
To sacrifice, boojie rapper type, corny actor likes
I"ve never been upstaged, off or on stage
You can write your verse good but I'm a write my songs great
Never was a put on, no rappers co-signed me
That's why the attitude assholes, so don't mind me

[Chorus 1]

[Break - Jay-Z sample from "Swagga Like Us"]
"You can pay for school but you canít buy Class" - 4X

[Verse 3 - B.o.B.]
Ha, well, well these are not just verbs that I recite
It's actually a verse of encouragement and advice
And everything is perfectly worded the way you like
So I can make some currency just to service my life (ha)
Really I've been workin with verbiage all of my life
So when I die, they gonna bury me with the mic
And when I go, please do not worry, I'm in the sky
Then and there you will see, apparently I was psychic
A heavyweight, don't refer to me lightly (lightly)
So when you speak to me, speak to me politely (politely)
I'm like the paycheck before you get fired
You need me in the game, so basically I'm hired (hired)
Ballin on you guys like Allen Iverson
They like "Damn! Here's this guy again" (they like damn, here's the guy again)
He's on fire, we need a fire hydrant then
His screws are loose, get some pliers in and tighten them

[Chorus 1] (first line is "hip hop, hip hop" instead of "they call this 
hip hop")

[Chorus 2]