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Artist: Classified
Album:  Now Whut! EP
Song:   It Ain't Over
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[Chorus] {Crowded House sample}
Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, don't

[Verse 1]
Aiyyo I finally got the truth from ya
A token b-boy recognise
that Classified was never one to mess around with lies
It ain't my nature, total behaviour, be opposite
Droppin it, I be the dopest MC rockin' it
Composin' tracks, got your mind in a daze
And gotcha wonderin how I can flip it every which way
Lots of practice, aiyyo class brings tactics
That make you bounce around like you and your girl on a mattress
Son, I'll stop you in your track with your weak style
And you can speak foul, but can you really freak pal?
Too many MCs on the mic sound the same
It's kinda funny though, cause they're the ones that found the fame
So what's that say, about this world and the music business?
I guess it's all about the bank and how much money's in it
And Half Life, is like half broke
I gotta work the nine to five to put my own records out
It ain't a problem yo, keeps me focused on the mic
And makes my skills tight it feels great to shed the light
So I'ma break it for the million MC's kickin raps
That never seen no money, no fame, or no contract
Aiyyo you know most of us wont
see a million bucks, most of us will end up broke
To me, yo that ain't what it's about, yo I live for it
Hip hop, what's the best you can give for it?


[Verse 2]
So what chu take me for son? Another ten minute
rapper, Who's only in the game cause his friends in it
Blast ya with flows that leave your brain intoxicated
If duplicated, I'ma start this off uninstigated
So watch yourself or catch a lyric to that dome in seconds
I use my microphone to tear MCs apart in sections
I use my mind to amplify the situation needed
And put them all together when my destination meet it
And now I'm at this spot, fresh out of reason
It was never 'bout socking this, all about rockin' it and droppin' it
from late at night to early morning
Rappers on the mic while DJs focus on their forehand chain
It's got my mental doing flips
You come into this game, think it's easy, y'all can't do this
So put the mic down, let an MC like me kick it
Flippin', rippin', that's how I hit it (ha!)

[Chorus] {till fade}