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Artist: Classified
Album:  Boy-Cott-In the Industry
Song:   What's Real
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[Chorus - Sample] - w/ Classified ad libs
Woooo, I love you
So I sit and write sometimes
So very clear to mind
To say what's in my heart
But all those lines all fall apart becaaaaause, 'cauuseee

[Verse 1 - Classified]
It's such an old cliché but paints a perfect picture
I know I'm busy a lot, I'm really tryin to work this with ya
And I ain't the sappy type but listen I'm a set it straight
I know I'm missed some birthdays and other important dates
But, this music's got my hands tied and it keeps gettin tighter
I know it'll pay off, the dark days will seem better
And it really ain't that bad but I see where ya comin from, I'm gone by the weeks
You gotta stay home to make ends meet
You wake up at six, I sleep in 'til ten o'clock
You work a nine to five and I stay home without a job
And I can see why that pisses you off and pushes your buttons
But you can't forget girl, I ain't doin this for nothin
Sometimes I'd rather go out, than make beats and write rhymes
But I gotta take advantage and take a chance in this lifetime
I hope you understand that, I know you waitin patiently
But give me a little time, I'll make this worth your while, guaranteed
So listen for a minute

[Chorus] - w/ Classified ad libs

[Verse 2 - Classified]
Now step in my shoes and see this from my view
Got ten years of payin dues, if I succeed, so do you
If I'm rich than so are you and I know that ain't important
And I know that you support me and everything that I'm recordin
But we all need assurance, ain't no shame in admittin it
Soon you'll have a ring slidin down over your fingertips
I know you're waitin and I ain't the most romantic
But I know what I have and I ain't takin that for granted
Patience is a virtue that I know most of us lack
Five years together, that's longer than most marriages last
So please bear with me, 'cause through thick and thin
I'm tryin to build a foundation, I just hope your listenin
And I respect you, that's why I never fuck whores on tour
Treat you like I should but I know sometimes you get ignored
And I spend too much time hangin with Mary Jane
Worryin about this hip-hop, shit's a scary game
Rappers are a dime a dozen, you get used up
The fans fade away, turn on you and tell ya "you suck"
But I know you'll be here still with me when it's through
So don't ever think I'll put this music shit ahead of you
And that's what's real

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs until the end