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Artist: Classified
Album:  Hitch Hikin Music
Song:   Beatin It
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Just give me a sec, I gotta make some beats
Yo, plug that in over there
Turn on the turntable, let the needle touch the record
I'll find the right sound, Im used to coping under pressure
You dig, you look, you skip tracks and skip back
Take pieces of old music, mix match, and flip tracks
After that you spit rap, to get ads, and hit ass
Yo wait, whats that, ya the piano part, bring it back
Ya, ya thats it right there
Now let me loop that in the sampler, piano piece caught my ear
Gimmie a sec, nothin better than a piano loop
Let me get this perfect, let me pitch it up a bit
A little faster might be worth it
Ya, ya, ok, 73 beats per minute, it still dont loop right
Let me try it 74, and that should make it loop tight
There we go, now this sample bumpin hard
Soundin like mythotical fairytales, or somethin dark
It's giving me ideas already, the moods, the melody
Oh shit, Im losin track, wait, the beat still needs developing
Alright, I got my sample, so now I need a drum kit
Let me try out this one kick, ya thats somethin I can run with
Now I figure out a pattern like running plays and maddin
Let the kicks sit on the sample, make magic like Aladdin
And now I need a snare, so let me try this here
Nah, its too dirty, the kick's too clear, it doesnt mix right
So let me try this rim shot, a little bit of hand clap, to give it a touch of hiphop
Ok, that kinda work, ya I like that
Maybe add some cymbals, nah fuck it, dont need no high hat
But maybe add a shake of somethin slick and smooth like (sound)
Loop that, cut it, and make it move right
Ok I need a joint
Yo pass that over
Just one puff
Just wanted to get something in my head, you know
Take me somewhere else before I drop this back
Ya I drop the drum now, listen how the drum sound
It's almost there, but this aint done, and I aint tryin to jump the gun now
Track is soundin ripe, but I aint finished man, this take time
Still adjustin levels and gotta filter out the baseline
Like, just turn the highs way down, there we go
Now I got my base sound, drop the beat again
Ya that soundin better now, drum is soundin crisp
Base is thick, ya the base is thick so now what could I lace wit it?
Guess I'll put a change in it, rearrange a bit, add some things
And take you to another place wit it, music is moods
Dont matter how its produced, dont matter what tool you use
Or the instruments that you choose (nope)
It's all about listen, I can switch right quick
From laid back, to hype shit
Wit a drum roll, crash, and a tight kick
Bring back the piano, switch between your two samples
Turn up the clap, and piano shakers to the left channel
Ya its workin, almost sound complete
But I probably wont be using it, Jordan, you want this beat?

[Jordan Croucher]
Ya I kinda like the way this beat is flowin out
Maybe later on I'll write some shit and put it down
And I know, oh shit, yo yo hold on, hold on, hold on
Let me get that back, hold on, hold on
Ya I kinda like the way this beat is flowin out
Maybe later on I'll write some shit and put it down
And I know, that this could be the sound, oh ya
Ya, ya that'll do it
Something like that yo
We'll do somethin like that, thats the riff right there
I'm feelin that man, thatll work
Ya, ya
Aiight I'll finish this beat up, I'll burn it off for ya
Just give me a couple more minutes