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Artist: Classified
Album:  Handshakes and Middle Fingers
Song:   That Ain't Classy
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(*ad libs for first 18 seconds*)

[Intro/Break - Female Singer] (Classified)
You want it, you need it, I got it ('cause this is how it's goin down)
You want it, you need it, I got it

[Verse 1 - Classified]
They call me Mr. Negativity, call it how I see
Yes I'm back in the vicinity, bringin what you need
Plus all of the amenities, not what you consider the
Run of the mill, runnin the drill, none of it's real, celebrity (oh, no, no!)
I don't let any of it get to me
I am more a mystery, mentally and physically
Yeah I seen the bright lights, ever so vividly
Partied with the star types and mingled with the industry
But jeez, we don't need another hero
I relate to real people, not these self-centered weirdos
Flamboyant wannabe, oh so flashy
If you ask me, that really isn't classy
You'll never see me with my sunglasses on in a club
Dancin on a table to my own song gettin buzzed (nah)
And you'll never see me with a couple bottles of Cris'
Tryin to pick up on a chick like "bitch, you want this?" That ain't classy

[Chorus - Classified] - w/ ad libs
The radio is playin my song and I got a record label that's puttin me on
But I still stay classy, still stay classy, still stay classy, I'm a do what I gotta do
And, if you're not relatin it's hard, not to hate 'em
Don't care what they're sayin, I ain't changin
That ain't classy, that ain't classy, that ain't classy, that ain't classy

[Verse 2 - Classified]
Uh, aiyyo, my daily insecurities
Got me locked down, like I'm sittin in security
Gettin locked down and it never did occur to me
It presented perfectly, verbally, my uncertainties could turn into my currencies (but)
You'll never see my shirt wide open
With the chest hair blowin in the wind, I know it
And you'll never see me lose it tryin to justify my music
At award shows cause I didn't win, I know it
I'm adamant, I won't become extravagant
'Cause yo' my management and the guys I travel with ain't havin it
I'm just an average man who happened to have a plan
Never had to front on who I am to attract a fan
And don't be mad 'cause I never pop bottles
I don't waste my money, I save my money, returnin pop bottles
Don't hate, wait (wait), I ain't tryin to save, I'm tryin to get paid
I'm tryin to work to earn the money I make, that's classy

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Break] - w/ ad libs

[Verse 3 - Classified]
Uh, yeah, now I'm the one makin many beats, pumpin in the trunk
I'm the one smokin plenty trees, puffin in the club
I'm the one gettin loose, Friday night, havin fun
Spillin drinks on the wifey, when I'm a little drunk
That's classy, I guess I'm the ultimatum
And y'all aware, I'm often hated 'cause they not relatin
And I don't feel offended, everyone can say their peace
I just really hate pretendin, so all you get is me, that's classy (classy, classy, HA!)

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Break] - without Classified