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Artist: Classified f/ Kuniva, Raekwon
Album:  Classified
Song:   I Only Say It Cause It's True
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
More love for crowdads than wheels is old mag
Fact that we joints, I sit back and gold glasses
Count mind out on the grind, slow motion
Blunts lit, guns is big, strong noses
Drinking don, holy O, playing spades
Got my knife out
Choppin through duffle bags of haze
Track the money talkin shit, watchin netflix vibin
My bitch is a grishan, 45 beside me
You know the draw full of that cocaine
10 000 square feet of lab
I live with a crow flame, a nickname is cashis
Ass is jurassic, black cards, wet click, she classic
Know we from where the drugs be flowing
And the slight medic need here
You might get left in the cold wind
Bloodline is gangster, you niggas is wanksters
We kill for real, keep it movin and drink piss

[Chorus: Classified]
I can never hate a man for bein himself
I wish you nothin but the best in sickness and health
Through the battles and the travels and everything else
I call it how I see it, yeah best believe I always say it
Cause it's true, we so real
No need to sugar coat it, we only say it cause it's true

[Verse 2: Classified]
Don't care who's eyes are on me, I enroll my dirty laundry
I try to keep it classy, they try to say it's runchy
They call me ball honky, eye brows like sean connery
But either way I get that thumbs up like Fonzie
All the way across seas, to the long beach palm trees
To the new york concrete, there ain't a place beyond reach
I play the seeds in my crop finally started sprouting
I learn the art of rap, you learn the art of chokin
You never see this artist frozen like the arctic ocean
With every blunt I'm smokin, I put my heart and soul in
I'm too intelligent to say you fin to dumb me down
They tryina shut me up but every show I shut it down
How's at work, I go all out, I'm all in
In the jungle, late night, burning my stripes, diggin my claws in
I'm a tiger that's been brought up in a lion'd den
But I'm still product of my enviroinment


[Verse 3: Kuniva]
They said that 12 was a choke until we reached a million
Did it 2 more times, they sick we in the building
Can't stop momentum, no matter what you'll be kill em
Love to od,b, d 12 is for the children
Keep napis kuniva's only speakin the doctrine
From the prophet's point of view that alone will strenghten the conscience
Still enjoy when the bad chicks in my boxers
And hit the king offer to monster, that is proper
Came step out of my ghetto ways
A product of my enviroinment Fords and Chevrolets
And still manage to get caught up with the metal sprays
Cemetery where cold bodies and rose petals lay
It's all the same, worldwide
So the hate it get swallowed up with the chaser
I'm about the paper, plus that's the only way they gonna hear you
Better yet, fear you, real recognize real
And class is lookin real familiar