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Artist: Classified
Album:  Classified
Song:   Growing Pains
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Getting all these thoughts in my head
Cause I know that things will change
Yeah I know that things will change
Getting all these thoughts in my head
Cause Tomorrow won't be the same
But tomorrow won't be the same

[Verse 1]
I pull up to the traffic light, red light, coasting
Glancing the rear view as your eyelids slowly closing
Adjust the radio turn it lower and let your song play
Slowly go to sleep get some rest it's been a long day
I don't need too much I just want to make my kids proud
Wishing that her life can stay as peaceful as it is now
Nothing stays the same though, day in to day out
The forecast changes so you got to keep your raincoat close
I hope that you and your sister can work through the bruises and blisters
The sibling rivalry when you argue and bicker
Lot of pain lot of joy
You'll go through what I went through with her
Ain't nothing to it if you keep your family rooted, ughh
Don't grow up too quick
Enjoy the freedom when you're young before you lose it
You already trying to tell me that you a big girl
I'm scared as hell to let my little baby grow up in this big world
I will be asking where you're going who's your friends what you up to
Over protective but that don't mean I don't trust you
I just don't trust everybody you go party with
I've been in your position baby girl I know how hard it is


[Verse 2]
And I know that you won't agree with my rules
Probably around the time you attending high school
I'll tell ya don't smoke, don't drink, or buy booze
You'll say that I'm a hypocrite cause I do it and get high too
But do you really wanna look and feel like I do?
At your age you don't want to walk in my shoes
Get up your marks get up your smarts get up your IQ
The real party it don't start until after high school
So don't stress who's popular and less dressed
Forget the peer pressure ain't no one to impress
Besides everyone in high school who seem cool
That's it; they usually never see their dreams through
There's so many right and wrongs when you raise a kid
I just want that father and daughter relationship
I know in time, that we'll argue and you'll hate me
But I pray to god you'll thank me,
Like dad I'm glad you raised me