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Artist: Classified f/ Choclair, Kid Vishis, Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Boy-Cott-In the Industry
Song:   Unexplainable Hunger (Remix)
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[Intro - Royce Da 5'9" - talking] (Classified) ["Scratched Samples"]
["Royce 5'9""]
The M.I.C. baby
It's called Unexplainable Hunger
From U.S. to Canada
(Mic check one, two)
Of course my name is Royce 5'9"
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(You want to set this off?)
Yeah, yeah (let 'em know)

[Verse 1 - Royce Da 5'9"]
Once upon a time in the city of crime
A nigga named Nickel Nine, came in with the nine
Flamin, with the rhyme, the flame quick as the nine
Aimin at the game sayin "the city is mines" (now)
He looked like the type you underestimate
He's never a suspect, no one investigates (uh huh)
He be beatin them charges with mothers and fathers goin (on and on and 
on and) [Royce 5'9"]
It should be a felony to be this vicious on the beat
I'm dope, I'm sellin D like a Piston on the streets
Yellin "D!", for the cheddar cheese
The cheddar I brought, letter B
Like a spelling bee, the pathetic bark, let it be (be, be)
Or get ya chain snatched y'all (y'all)
Jaw cut is a stain of train track scar (scar)
Whoever think of talkin shit to me'll be a memory
His train of thought will stain that car (uh)
I will stretch your dreams from the front seat to the back seat, if I 
could blow a brain that far
Niggaz want to get to know me all 'cause the way I be spittin
Every ho, every bitch in the city be goin ...

[Chorus - Classified] ["Scratched Samples"]
We give 'em what they want! (yeah, yeah)
["With these rhymes that are classic"]
So tell 'em who it is!
["Royce 5'9""]
["Starvin MC"]
["It's, it's hard to explain"]
["Hard to explain"]
["They're tryin to get the meal"]
We give 'em what they want!
["With these rhymes that are classic"]
So tell 'em who it is!
["Starvin MC"]
["It's, it's hard to explain"]
["Hard, hard"]
["They're tryin to get the meal"]

[Verse 2 - Classified]
Yeah, I'm from a place where it snows six months of the year
Coldhearted, livin off a blunt and a beer
Bodyslam MC's, have 'em runnin for clear
And I'm a skinny white dude, I ain't nothin to fear (Class)
More advanced than you technical cats
Your literature's littered, (literally) edible trash
You rappers gone nuts?  Get your testicles back
I got the competition sweatin more than sexual acts (*moaning*)
Now take your shot, you think you gettin me?
It's like Snoop Dogg really goin out and quittin weed
I'm always gettin louder man, never thought you'd listen
Leave you walkin different, without a pot to piss in
Came in this game, no plan and no structure
No love from labels, so basically "fuck ya!"
Learned to play my part for the love of this art
Spittin with the same passion I did at the start
I feel a warm breeze

[Chorus - Classified] ["Scratched Samples"]
["With these rhymes that are classic"]
So tell 'em who it is!
["Starvin MC"]
["It's, it's hard to explain"]
["Hard, hard"]
["They're tryin to get the meal"]
We give 'em what they want!
["With these rhymes that are classic"]
So tell 'em who it is!
["What up, what up, what up, what up"]
("Starvin MC")
["It's, it's hard to explain"]
Talk to 'em
["They're tryin to get the meal"]

[Verse 3 - Choclair]
Check me out y'all, yo, yo, Choclair, see, shit ain't sweet
Cheese sandwiches for lunch, two jeans by week
A dollar short for the bus fare again this week
Deprivation from the sleep 'cause them barrels speak
I tried to elevate myself, got a nine to five
But yo it's hard when you makin three ninety five
You turned crosseyed, take your eyes off the prize
Lose focus, lose balance on this fucked up line
So, grab your gruff dog, pull yourself up (yeah)
'Cause these haters just waitin to take your spot up
Brush your shoulders off, pop your collar
Make some power moves and then get dollars
Then these girls go and leave their scent on your collar
Bring their scent home, then wifey's gon' holla
She say you let consumers just dip into the product
But really you be showin your supporters that you got 'em
So daps for the fellas (yeah), hugs for the ladies (yeah)
Some kiss me on the cheek, some act a little crazy
+Parking Lot Pimpin'+ and they call pumpin Jay-Z
Yo, it's just a summer, make me want to cop a Hummer (woo!)
But yo, it's just shocks with a trailer load of lumber
Got the hot tracks that hit every summer (summer)
Yo, it's just Royce Nickel Nine, with my boy Classified
Yo it's Ch-Ch-Ch-Choclair

[Break - Royce Da 5'9" - talking] ["Scratched Sample"] (*echo*)
I want to introduce y'all to my young pitbull
["With these rhymes that are classic"]
We call 'em Vishis in the U.S. y'all

[Verse 4 - Kid Vishis]
Yeah, yeah, I'm a beast, shouldn't been let up out of the cage
I will blaze, any rapper you niggaz bring in my way (ay!)
Dude'll box you, dude'll pop you
You punks get chopped, my rifle's goin Kung fu (woo, woo)
Two shots'll ruin your Botox and shatter your whole block
If you chatter a whole lot
The young boss, another book, another pen, another song, another win
Another kill, another sin
Calm killer, who's iller than the pen and pad thriller?
A cappella bone chiller, verbal gun clutch nigga (yeah)
Call forensics, Vishis ass went ballistics
Start trippin, hard niggaz turn liquid
Nigga, Bobby Fischer in this game, chess master, actually spittin 
Casually cause casualties
You want to battle, but when you rap you be babblin
Later you broke playin askin +Why+ like Jada (like Jada, like Jada)

[Outro] (*echo*)
["Starvin MC"]
["Hungry-hungry-hungry tryin to get the meal"]