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Artist: Classified
Album:  Boy Cott-in the Industry
Song:   High School Behavior
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Leave the dirt in it, we're gonna keep it dirty
Yeah, I'm mellowin it out for a minute
Yeah, on some high school shit

[Verse 1]
Now take a walk with me
On a trip in through history
In high school, where everyone grows quickly
Where young girls learn how to be a dick tease
And every young guy thought he was the shit, please
I went through all the same things you did
I was a skater, a jock, I was a rapper, still is
Shit, I used to dress like I was Snoop Doggy Dog
People used to laugh, but yo I laughed it off
Everybody deals with the same situations
Puberty, clicks and masturbation
And everybody had confrontations
It's high school I know that you're realatin
I remember all the stress I had
Cuz dad always made me do the best I can
My grades wasn't good enough
Dates always stood me up
Lookin at the cool kids like, "Damn that should be us"
But as the world turns and we realize
That high school has no effect on real lives
All the preps, skids, thugs and skaters
Chess clubs'n jocks, its high school behavior

Yeah, its high school shit
Like that, it's high school behavior (and I ain't worrying about it no more)
It's high school shit

(Wait I got one more, I got one more verse, check it)

[Verse 2]
Now try and picture this, 15 still a virgin
93 let me set the scene perfect
Young guy still shy around women
But knew her from the Outback, small town livin
Same age, same grade, same date
We agreed to let our sex life take shape
Made a plan and kept it between us
At the Jr. High Prom party, we was gonna fuck (YUP!)
Still nervous as hell
But I was excited as well
Before I burned any L's
So I was hyper as hell
Date came at the party time for action
Walked down the road to be alone and make it happen
Only lasted for a minute and a half
And I don't know man; I think I heard her laugh
Woke the dead up, yeah I popped her cherry
But neither of us knew we just did it in a cemetery
Dead silence... Felt kinda awkward
Small town so everybody talkin
This high school shit is stressin me out
But I got older and figured every recipe out

It's high school shit
It's high school behavior (you know, and I'm done dealin with it)
It's high school shit (I'm lookin passed that now man, I'm lookin passed)
It's high school behavior (I got bigger things to worry about now)
It's high school shit