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Artist: Cinque
Album:  Clap/Bad Girl 12"
Song:   Clap/Bad Girl
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Yea, Yea, Hahahaha
It's Cinque, Bringing you all that, Soulja Clap, c'mon
Yea, Yea, Where my soldiers at
Yea, Yea, Where the riders at
Yea, Yea, Uh, Yea
Clap with me, Yea, c'mon
Yea, Yea.........................

[Verse 1]
[Yea] The realist in rap, we in the club with straps
I gotta couple stacks, I know you like that
I know you wanna roll, with a criminal
It beats sizzle, steroids, cause my pockets swoll
But I ain't tryna brag, I'm tryna act bad
My bottom bitch got the 38 in a bag, That's how we get it on
I'm coming from the 'Zone, with some Peryown
Lemme tell ya homes, got dope got cheese got hoes got weed
Whatever y'all niggaz want, come and see papi
Sloppy, ya movements on the block that it's not me
I'm at the Del-a-no storting hard in the lobby
Chop shop your whole block block with the glock glocks
Stick you for your drop top, take it to the chop shop
Haters get blown in the spot's get sewn
If being broke is tireless, I'm in the nursing home [Uh]

[Hook 2x]
Clap, for your hood mayne
Clap, for your hometown
Clap, if you making bread
That's how it's going down
Clap, if you self made
Clap, if you ain't scared
Clap, if you fucked up
Clap, if your people in here

[Verse 2]
I'm a menace to society, police is eyeing me
These niggaz ain't trying me, I make moves silently
Rose from the poverty, but I ain't hit the lottery
Them O.G's made me, mold me like pottery
You don't wanna 'ply to me, all your plans back fire fuck you up like sodemy
The sprewells get flat tires, it's bad miss fortune
I blast with the larsen, dam boy your mama should of had an abortion
I smash niggaz often blood splash like a dolphin
When the beef pop off, I'm scrapping not talking
Smoke without coughing, bite without barking
It's Army of Angels ghetto bastards and orphans
We lions and tigers and bears oh my
But we collide and it won't be fair so don't try
Money over females I got'sta prioritize
If you dream you could whoop me, you better wake up and apologize

[Hook 2x]

[Bridge 4x]
If you don't give a fuck, like we don't give a fuck
Throw your motherfucking hands up, CLAP..CLAP

[Hook 2x]