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Artist: Cilvaringz f/ Dorona Alberti *, GZA
Album:  I
Song:   Jewels
Typed by: Cno Evil

* Provides back-up vocals

[Intro: George W. Bush sample]
In my State of the, my State of the Union
Or State... my speech to the... nation
Whatever you wanna call it, my speech to the nation...
(So let me drop it on you, this what I speak, I only speak
To teach what they can't teach)

Aiyo, pardon me Jacob, but let me school these fools
And turn up the heat, melt their cool with jewels
I gave, poems for rules, draped morals and epics
Spoke with dumb, deaf & blind, wise Pagans and kept it
Then watched them fake preachers panic, cuz they food for thought
Got pesticides, but mine is organic
I got to stimulate their brain system
Wrong of the light for great wisdom, hear me?
Health & school systems? Your soul that rock
Cuz of Cuba, it's all free to stay alive
That's why we love Castro and love Yugo
That's why we know so much more shit than you know
Oh Indian land, home of the brave
Where great soldiers bring democracy for the wide blue grave
Oh Indian land, home of the grave
And great culture fast food, and Guantanamo Bay
I saw God's work privatized, I saw graving images idolized
I saw, young girls sodomized, tears dropping down my mama's eyes
But when you stand before God, it's too late to apoligize
And I can go on and on with this
But got to go speak to my people first
Cuz it hurts to see Christians, Athiests, Jews
Treat me better than my own Muslim brothers do
Live professors, ain't even living out the lessons
And I ain't talking bout your Five Percenters
I'm talking bout your faces turn to Heidi Klum, cash and bums
But what about the thirteen ninety ones
Where mighty gun, your brothers fight against with little rocks
Or socialism battling the Bill from Little Rock
Riddles stop with the words I speak; listen
I never teach, I drop words to seek, so get 'em
See got your Google, but stay truthful
I'm in the cut, Chessboxing Noodles
Cutting this struddle, laughing at George

[Interlude: George W. Bush sample]
It'll take that, to destroy chaos
Poor people aren't necessarily killers
Are we gonna raise kids, without knowing we have a gun?

[Chorus 2X: GZA]
The world is filled with chaos and nonsense
Gets no better, with negative responses
The chain of events, creates a global effect
Killing for dollars and cents, to get local respect
The magnitude of the destruction, untold
Countless souls, after the drama, unfolds
Time is a terrible, thing to waste
So the mind must think, at a peaceful pace

[Hook 2X: Cilvaringz]
Time is a terrible, thing to waste
So the mind must think, at a peaceful pace

[Outro: George W. Bush sample]
I know what I believe
I will continue to articulate what I believe
And what I believe, and I believe what I believe is right