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Artist: Ciecmate
Album:  Game Over
Song:   Up Up & Away
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*Redman samples: "And it's up up and away"*}

What's up? It's Ciecmate, 2011
High goons motherfuckers!
It's for my heads, it's for my peoples
This is for everyone, it's for me and you
It's for her and him, it's for them and theirs
It's for everyone, everyone

All the heads I've met over the years I've got, nothin but love
No time to waste so you won't find me placed up up up up in the club
I'm staying producky, but puffin the bud
With the middle finger stuck up, fuck fuck fuck fuck to the motherfuckin fuzz
I'm stuck in the cycle, shuckin and divin, duckin and strivin
But I'm survivin, hustlin 'til I'm flyin up up up with the lightning
What I'm providing, is something exciting
that they aren't writing, I'm up up in your face without a fuckin hype man
Airing my views with no flight plan, and fuck a battle
I'll walk to your show and knock you cold out with the mic stand
Heh~! But I don't want any trouble among the heads
Anyone can come for bread and get their hunder fed
Let's just do this for the ones that's dead that come before us
When only some would applaud us
We built this scene up up up up until none could ignore us
Now everyone comin to jump to the chorus
But you only see the true heads once a year, when they come to your launches
My mind's wide open, my third eye's scopin
A life coaching in preparation for every heavy time approaching
You can't question my devotion; Ciecmate's a soundwave
causing ripples up up up in your silent ocean
The road ahead could get bumpy so I tread lightly
Eyesight like a bird of prey, nothing gets by me
I play the hand I've got, I don't bluff, you can try me
And if the chips are down, then it's gonna get grimey!