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Artist: Ciecmate
Album:  Game Over
Song:   Intro (Sane)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"The man is utterly mad! You're playing a lunatic"
  "That's the problem, he's a brilliant lunatic"
  "You can't tell which way he'll jump"
  "Like his game is impossible to analyze"
  "You can't dissect him, predict him"
  "Which of course means he's not a lunatic at all"
  "That's called strategy"

It's game on~!
And I came to bomb, my aim's on
If you're thinkin this isn't the same song
as them lame Johns then you ain't wrong
It's in, how I can take a beat
Break up each piece, make it the heat
Then lace 'em with speech and send 'em
straight to the street where even the haters say this shit deep
Yeah, y'all got that right
Y'all wanna cry cause you're not as tight
I ain't tryin to find myself caught up in all of the hype
So y'all should just call it a night
This ain't your average run of the mill
lustin for bills I'm comin to kill
With somethin that's ill I summon my skill
and get all up in your grill just like a fuckin drill
Insane pain with no novocaine
But dope on the brain the most potentest strain
to flow through your veins, don't act like you don't know the name
You suckers can't hang like Saddam Hus-sein
Nowadays powerful players
are buyin up thousands of acres
and taking our freedoms away from us
Saying what people are speaking is dangerous
Claimin they're crazy it's
cause I think out of the box
And doubt it a lot, talk about how we're all watched
by CTTV on each and every box
Surrounded by the cops, does that make insane?
Nah, Ciecmate's got his head on straight
I'm always heated dead on mate
When I detonate blowin minds with every breath I take
You know what I'm sayin?