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Artist: Ciecmate
Album:  Game Over
Song:   Gong Sau (Talking Hands)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{"It's you!"}

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Gong sau; straight Ciecmate's on the mic again
Heavyweight, hip-hop soldier with the title win
Hands up! Sock opponents out then I strike again
Light skinned, do you in, you or the likes of them

Stern one, strikin someone straight in the sternum
Sucker needs a lesson so I learned him
Suffering a busted beak cause he sucked and lyrics don't concern him
Fuckin vermin, all you earn is a hurting
Searching, for the right entry technique
I spot it as he shot a quick right, then dent your left cheek
Then a fast chop straight to your throat
Followed by a fist at 45 degrees swingin down on your nose
Blood flowin, fast busted up; you throw blindly
but I block both your strikes, rock your mind with an uppercut
Your mate wants a piece to, cause he be like "WHAT THE FUCK~?!"
I added up the math and all my findings say your number's up
Kick with my foot to snap your, shinbone
Strike my heel up to pop your, kneebone
Turn the cue to hit and smash your, hipbone
Flying fists then I hook and watch you, get thrown
Next man I spotted deadpan with the weapon in his best hand
Steppin to me, yellin out threats and
saying he's insane, had a crazy look in his eyes
to match away 'til he tried to attack
Lunged at me in a stabbing motion
I let him think he had me closed in
Parried his elbow and left it broken
Seized the wrist with the knife, made him stab himself with it
He did it on his own, I only helped a bit
He fell in shock, so his smell is off
Cause getting locked in a cell is not a healthy option
So I'm asking 'fore somebody tell the cops
Clean the scene up for several blocks
Never stop, better watch where I step
Get a leg up on the opposition, and dead the competition
Listen I ain't playing instigator or the victim
Just an average man with his back against the wall who started blitzin
Took a risk and threw all my chips in