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Artist: Ciecmate
Album:  Game Over
Song:   Give You
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

That's that fly shit
Some of that, left field
Come from where you don't expect it
and hit you right in the gut shit, knahmsayin?
Straight from the heart, yet wholly connected to the brain
I give you my view of things, the way I see it
You can take it or leave it
What I perceive as the truth many may hate to believe it
I ain't tryin to sell nothin
I ain't tryin to sell no dreams, no chains
I'm just tryin to bring change, check it

Yo it's been a hard nine years
Craftin my art alongside half of my peers
Hochin the orders you hear
Dark and harsh pondswell turn laughter to tears
Now that the market is here
Y'all remember how it started from passin the beers
Tracked in with an artist, how hard they'd laugh
Those days are long gone in the past and its clear
This sickness ain't got no remedy
Any hopes of that has been shot like a Kennedy
But I got a lot of friends, no enemies
except cops and a prosecutor tryin to sentence me
Nobody can deny my legacy
Plus the heads on BTE represented me
That means I'll forever endeavor
This meant it for us to the n^th degree

As I give you - the clues to whos whats wheres and whys
As I give you - the truth, cause you need no more lies
As I give you - what you want good beats and good rhymes
As I give you - a little bit back cause you gave me so many good times

Aiyyo who's gonna listen in the judicial system
Search for answers but the truth goes missing
Take it to the government, see if they can run with it
But in the end they send troops on a mission
You need wisdom - they say
to find a good school to enroll your kids in
Give 'em a Christian religion
By the time they graduate they'll be all conditioned
But if you really cared about my safety
why would you make me, live in a place where
people make hasty decisions
Smash you in your face with the glass 'til it takes away your vision
And then the cops form breakaway divisions
to tackle bad apples with the powers that they given
But they never deal with the root problem
What's makin all these bad apples the way that they livin?

As I give you - what you want, you can take it it's yours
As I give you - Sodom & Gomorrah and the modern day laws
As I give you - anything for a price man even your soul
As I give you - everything in your life giving them the control