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Artist: Chris Brown
Album:  Fortune
Song:   Sweet Love
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chris Brown]
You ready?
I ain't think so

Oooh baby let's get naked
Just so we can make sweet love
All these sensations got me going crazy for you
Inside on top of you
Grinding inside and out of you
Baby I know what to do
Baby I know what to do
So come on baby girl
Let's just take our clothes off
Just so we can make sweet love

[Chris Brown]
But I want to know your body
Tonight is the night
That I change your life
Let me control your body
Girl you shy you wanna slow it down
And you start screaming when I go down town
Oh baby tell me why, you're so excited
You know I love it when you take it off
So baby go ahead and take it off tonight


[Chris Brown]
I'm making sweet love, to you baby
Go ahead and take it off
Let's get naked
Cause you know I love to turn you on
Girl let's do it to your favorite song, yeah
With the candles lit, and the lights low
Baby girl I want for you to roll
Just roll your hips
And just grind on me, grind on me, grind on me
And baby don't get it confused
I'll do everything you want me to
Just as long as you get crazy
And just as soon as you get naked, making love


[Chris Brown]
Sweet love, sweet love