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Artist: Chris Brown f/ Kevin McCall
Album:  Fortune
Song:   Strip
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chris Brown]
Take it off I wanna love you and everybody wanna touch you
You movin right wanna see what's up under then back it up, beep beep like a trucker
Nice thighs, nice waist, and you know I can't forget about your face
But don't none of that matter I'm about to make your pockets fatter

Girl I just wanna see you strip, right now cause it's late, babe
Girl I just wanna see you strip, girl take your time with it
Girl I just wanna see you strip God damn you're sexy (for meeee)
God damn you're sexy! (babbyyy) God damn you're sexy!
Girl I just wanna see you...

[Chris Brown]
Got my shades on with my J's on in the club with a pocket full of ones
This girl, booty out of control there she go up and down the pole
Which one I'm take home get my freak on if you ain't freaking, we ain't speaking
You think I'm playing, no I'm not let me see you back it up and drop
Yeah, I wanna see your legs in the air baby don't worry about your hair or those tracks
I don't give a damn about that in the club they're playing my song
Turn it up, play it all night long If you think you can, and you know you can
I'm a give you all this money money money


[Kevin McCall]
Pants, shirt, you can take it off, panties, bra, you can take it off
Red bottom heels, you can take 'em wait, wait, leave 'em on, cause I like my woman tall!
Got a hot momma, you're hotter than a sauna I wanna peel them clothes off your body like a banana
The only reason I dress you in that designer is to get you out that dolce and gabbana!
I throw this money up, she watch it all fall, toot that thing up for a boss
Anything you're wanting baby, you can have it all
Starting with my last name now they call you Mrs. McCall