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Artist: Chris Brown
Album:  Fortune
Song:   2012
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Faire l'amour lendemain...

[Chris Brown]
What if the sky was turning red?
I know we'd be safe
Right here in my bed
Laying face to face, oh girl
I love the way you sound
When you rain on me
So tonight let's act it out
Show you how it's gon' be
I'm gon' kiss your other set of lips
Hold your body by your legs and hips
The world can't end until we finish
Girl we gon'...

We gon' do it like it's 'bout to be the end of the world
And they depended on us
To make earth shaking love
As we lay down, lay down
Telling me to go harder, go harder
Telling me to go deeper, go deeper
I feel your knees getting weaker and weaker
We can go longer if you just lay down, lay down

[Chris Brown]
All these vibrations from your legs
Massaging my back
I got your body shivering
Cause we're covered in sweat
Girl I like the way it opens up
When you throw it back baby
Girl it might be too much
Babe if you keep doing that
I got that pillow for your knees right here
Baby can you make it disappear?
Your voice is the last thing I'm gonna hear
Then I wanna make you holla


Do it like we only got one
Baby let's pretend we only got one night
One last time,
Let me take my time,
Do it to you right
Buildings and bridges maybe falling down
But that won't stop me from turning that thing around
Girl yeah
Won't you come on over and we can treat it like it's the motherfucking
End of the world


A nigga goin hard in the paint
Ya think I can't {*repeats*}