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Artist: Chris Brown & Tyga f/ Kevin McCall
Album:  Fan of a Fan Mixtape
Song:   Have It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh

I'm a I'm a I'm a... I'm a

[Chris Brown]
Now what you ladies tryna get in extra large magem is the only 1 I fit in
Open up your mouth baby I can be your dentist before I go to far let's go back to the begining
My paper your nigga shit be rented sucide doors and she died to get in they lookin at my stank
Cause they know I be shittin they try to kick me out cause they know I keep they women

Aye meet me outside ask yo girl what she think about menage
matter all day me plus you then we add another girl up in the room
Bring it back [x2]
and sit that big o booty all up on my lap
matter fact here go a stack private party and I don't know how 2 act
Shawty so come here girl cause I'm a lookin 4 a bad chick
put your hands in the air if you a bad chick
and gotta ask if she gonna let have it
when she let me have it I'm a let her have it [x4]
daddy can you have it

Uh, I pull up black man black Porsche
red really make him mad hop yo ass in
oh this yo 1st time ride let me hit the gas
Don't you play with me later or this will be your last
I'm a rude rude nigga let me have it
you got that big booty poking let me grab it
I'm something like the king fuck you on the mattress
writing tats out my name on the dash and I smack it like


[Kevin McCall]
Uh uh uh
Now let me find out you'll let me blow your spine out
sex game me make you call it time out
quarter til we can ronnie boo at my house
That pussy fat got me finnin like Amy Winehouse
if I give you 9 can I get that other 60
when it come to licky licky we can split it 50/50
Peanut butter skully have you comin in a jiffy
damn skippy swallow my jewlary king driftty