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Artist: Chris Brown f/ Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri
Album:  Chris Brown
Song:   Run It (Remix)
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[Jermaine Dupri]
Clap your hands (RUN)
Y'all know what this is

[Bow Wow]
Now lil' mama just break it down
For the boy Bow Wow and that boy Chris Brown
All I wanna do is see you take it to the ground, bring it up slow
Twurk that thang like them girls in the videos
And I'm leavin' here with somethin'
I come wit that good game, baby girl I ain't frontin'
I got that Bentley GT parked outside
So scream at a nigga when your ready to ride [*girl screams*]
Come on

[Chris Brown - Verse 1]
Let me talk to you, tell you how it is
I was thinkin' when I saw that body, gotta get shawty
Tell her what the young boy gon do
Damn them chicks witchu, gotta be okay
Babe pretty thick wit the kick that's sick that need to be hit
So tell me what y'all gon do

[Hook 2X]
I got friends, and you got friends (word)
They hop out, and you hop in (word)
I look fly, and they jock-in' (WORD)
The way you drop, drop makes me wanna pop

Is ya MAN (MAN) on the FLO'? (FLO')
If he AIN'T (AIN'T), lemme KNOW! (KNOW)
Let me see if you can run it, run it
Girl indeed I can run it, run it
Is ya MAN (MAN) on the FLO'? (FLO')
If he AIN'T (AIN'T), lemme knoo-ow!
Let me see if you can run it, run it
Girl indeed I can run it, run it

[Verse Two]
(Come on man)
(C'MERE!!) You'll see, girl I can set you off
Don't believe, my age is gonna slow us do-own
I can definitely show you things
To have you sayin' I can't be sixteen (ohhh)
Once I, get in, you won't wanna go
(and I...)
I'll have, yo' girls, wishin' they were you
(and I...)
I know your heard about me, but guess what's goin' down if we leave

[Hook 2X and chorus]

(Let's take it to the bridge...)

(Let's go) Girl you feel right (feel right)
Make me feel like... (feel like...)
I wanna do a little somethin'  (do a little somethin' tonight)
Ain't no thing let you do it fo SHO'
Girl the way that your wearin' them jeans is turnin me on
I'm the hottest thing that's in these streets
So baby won't you rock, me...  (BOW...WOW...holla at 'em!)

[Bow Wow]
Now if ya man, ain't on the flo, then I'ma step innnn
Replace him, tell yo' friennnds
After party at my spot
Shawty gotta come back 'cause she so hot
Now we lookin' for them grown girls that ain't scared to get tooo it
Know what to do when we drop that mu-sic (right!)
Lil' mini skirts 'cause she lookin' good
Got different color weaves mayne she so hood!
I like 'em thick in the waist (uhh) ten in the face
The girls come to US so we don't chase
She move her booty like a Lowrider; UP, down
Man she likes the way that I puts it down
And ain't nothin' to a G, I do this on the daily
You don't believe me you can ask J.D. (Yeah man, you can ask me!)
And it ain't no second guessin' mayne
Matter fact baby girl I got one question now


Right about now, I need everybody to get to the danceflo'!