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Artist: Chris Rock f/ Tim Meadows
Album:  Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live (VHS)
Song:   Suck Your Big Toe
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"Hangin' With MTV" Host (Julia Sweeny):
We have an exclusive MTV world premiere.  Yeah, a hot new group from 
Atlanta that we're hearing big things from:  G-Spot!

(Cut to a quintet of black men in orange ghetto attire.  The only two 
familiar faces are those of Rock and Meadows.)

Tim (singing):
Hey girl -  take off your dress right now
I'm lookin' at your body, and I wanna say ...


Tim (singing):
You go through the shinin', got extensions in your hair
You say the kid's in the other room, but you know that I don't care

Chris (singing):
Babay, ... buzz me at the do'
Pull up your skirt, child, now pull it up some mo'
Your panties are green, and your bra is pink
Now suck on my tic-tac, so your breath won't stiiiink 

Chorus (2x): G-Spot (singing)
All I wanna do, is suck your big toe
Suck it reeeeal slow, I wanna suck your big fat toe

Chris (singing):
Honay, your toe tastes so sweet
You got a big corn on it - ooh!  I love the extra meat!

Tim (singing):
Your mind says no, but your body says yes
I'm lookin' at the backside, baby, and thinkin' 
"Damn, this bitch is blessed!"


Chris (singing):
This little piggy wants tastin',
And this little piggy wants sex,
This little piggy wants raisin',
But your big toe is the best!

Chris (talking):
Yeah, girl - that's the reason I love ya, baby! 
 I love every lil' thing about ya, 
baby!  I love that nose ring you got in your nose, baby, 
and I love your big fat toe.  
I love the way you tell the cops you ain't seen me in two years, baby!  
Yeah, girl, just come here, baby, let me suck on your toe!  Don't run!  
I would never hit a woman - unless she owes me money!  Come on!!


Chris:  Yeah baby, gimme some toe!