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Artist: Chris Lowe
Album:  The Black Life
Song:   Streetwatch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chris Lowe]
Yup, yup that's me, Chris Lowe, yeah that's me
Oh it's a promo
My, my album?  It's called "Black Life"
This-this track right here?
Yo this track right here, this is umm, "Streetwatch"
I think that, yo it's bangin, it's bangin
So what y'all want?  A little verse or somethin, from the LP?

Ain't nuttin y'all can really show me
I got this one time offer son, one time only
Unlimited edition, street tradition
Y'all heard it first, unreleased, unrehearsed
Get it now, get some of this funk on file
You still dumb, ain't no one here when you hear one
Look at your ass down in that CD spot
Copped the Chris Lowe, "Black Life" promo
And get it goin on, move it along
Spark the dancefloor up before it's all gone
And then you realize what just happened
The Chris Lowe mystique, the beats, the rappin
The whole nutshell, hey I ask y'all what the hell
goin on, man, what's goin on so strong
Who dis, with the bliss, black style twist
Last name Lowe, first name... ha ha

Yo that's enough man, that's it
Y'all gotta get that album, "Black Life"
It's alla y'all, knowhatI'msayin?
Make it happen - make it happen, c'mon man