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Artist: Choppa 
Album:  Straight From the N.O. 
Song:   Brick Jungle 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Yeeeeah, it's bout to go down in this bitch 
Represent, represent, represent, represent 

[Chorus - 2x] 
That brick jungle, known as Marrero 
That brick jungle, known as Marrero 
That brick jungle, known as Marrero 
Harvey and the jungle, pass the tunnel then you through bitch 

Everybody gather round, cause I got some'ing to say 
My name is Choppa who serve em proper, represent no other way 
Nigga I ain't new to this here nigga, I been true to this here 
Represent Marrero when I clock dineros, I was raised to do this here 
Choppa look at me folk, now you know that I'm ready to buck 
Don't handcuff her, cause your girl she be bucking with us 
We send you out dog, the same way we brought you in 
I'm from Morerro the brick jungle, so please tell a friend 
Now everybody wants see me, coming down they block 
Now I remember, when you wasn't fucking with the Chop 
Came out of nowhere, and put the whole South on lock 
Marrero to me, like California to 2Pac 
We got it locked dog, you know we are not smoking philly's 
Represent Marrero project, down to Silver Lilly 
We in the Platinum club, posted like it's our block 
Ya'll know my pedigree, Choppa until the chest off 

[Chorus - 2x] 

Marrero's my home, that's where I was raised up 
Big Rap my dog, that's where he ate the game up 
Now don't get me wrong, cause I was born in Harvey 
Where some million dollar niggaz, will leave ya sorry 
They told me that the rap game, was so swell 
And yo it's even swelling up, just ask Money or Mel 
Now since Choppa dropped the cd, locally scanning 
A hundred thousand copies, now you know that I'm dropping again 
In Marrero you ride, or get rolled on 
Steal or get stole on, slip up then so long 
Same ol' song was number one, for three months long 
But guess what, it's hot and it still be running strong 
I represent my set, like Jigga and Mossy 
If them hoes come to the jungle, we gonna toss em 
If you riding through the project, you know that's costly 
Any windows that we got, we tint em in dark pimp come on 

[Chorus - 2x] 

Cruising down the street, whoo-whoo real slow 
What the fuck are they yelling, (Marrero) talk to me now 
If you wanna know, how my city get down 
If you went to club James, then you know how we clown 
Don't throw your sets up, if you ain't round my way 
This ain't the NFL, you won't get a instant replay 
From the Villas to the Chateau, to the back of the Ang's 
Aydevil 'Rero projects, representing the same 
Lincoln Shaw, Sattleward to the Villa G. Ames 
Westminster, yeah they quick to get rid of ya 
And yeah, them boys ain't feeling ya 
From Jackson town LBP, to the Lilly yeah we killing ya 
So represent, what we bout this year 
Marrero gon' stand up, cause we bout this here 
And all my niggaz in the club, pop a bottle of Mo' 
Throw your sets up, and represent for Marrero come on 

[Chorus - 2x] 

Yeeeah, that's how it goes down in my city 
If you don't know where Marrero at, when you pass the Superdome up 
Get off on Ames exit I'm telling ya, we getting real for this year here 
This Choppa Style representing off top, that's my home 
Off top, I'm representing for that Westbank ya know 
But we gon' do it like this here, ya'll keep teasing Marrero 
Ya'll tal'n bout where Marrero at, we country boys 
Man we riding on dubs too, ya understand 
Cause I'm telling ya, you don't wan' play with us 
Like my nigga said, 'member this here huh 
That fresh stuff going back nationwide cousin 
It's going down 2002, rest in peace to MC Dick much love