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Artist: Chip Tha Ripper
Album:  Sexy Ass (S)
Song:   Sexy Ass
Typed by: AZ Lyrics


Wonder what type of SLAB nigga would I be
If I wasn't in V-I-P
With Ace of Spades and Rossi and about 20 hoes for the posse
And the bartender, she got me
Just cause she like my song
Her and the other fine ass bartender go nuts everytime Get It Girl come on
Now girl, come on
We can go to a place that you never been
You can bring a couple friends
They can bring a couple friends
Hope ya'll got some fuckin ends (money)
I'm not down for sponsorin
I just donate dick if I hit it from the back, it'll fix your posture
And make ya ass a little fatter when you got them jeans on
She's a very freaky girl, that should be her theme song
I will never cuff you boo
That some shit that suckers do
I swear if you wasn't the coldest all around, I wouldn't fuck with you

Hey boo, I be on the grind, all the time
Ain't no handouts, so I gots to go and take mine
The whole city ready you the only one frownin
Girl I'm a hold you down, with your lil sexy ass
Your sexy ass [x8]

(With your) globe trottin
Hoes jockin
When I touch down and let em in
Girl if your team don't got good D then they will never win
So I'll just put my helmet on when it's gametime
Or when you pitch it, I'll make sure to swing my St Clair slugga
When niggas see you in the whip they gon say "I hate that nigga"
It be so funny when a nigga be mad
Cause he can't do it betta
Then a fly young nigga with a buzz so crazy
Hustle the corners, never been lazy
Money over you, nigga never could play me
SLAB ENT., we made us
My connects is dangerous
Girl I can make you fa-mous
But for now just chill
Until I get my paper, girl
Or you can be my secretary, we can take the world