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Artist: Chip Tha Ripper
Album:  From Me to You: The Prelude to Gift Raps
Song:   Ain't No Love Here
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: repeat 6X]
But I'm from where you get no love
Just a bunch of killers
There ain't no love here
Just a bunch of killers

[Chip Tha Ripper]
I'm blessed to not have to deal with emotions
When niggaz act like bitches they send em Lake Eerie floatin
The hood I come from raised me up to be one of the coldest
I stay out the way, get this paper, these niggaz vultures
I try to stay the realest nigga I can be at all times
Nothing you can tell me far as I'm concerned they all lyin
E'rybody full of shit, so I do my own thing
Keep my circle tight niggaz scheming I don't fuck with these lames
Long as I'm maintainin, nigga I ain't complainin
I make shit happen when it's fucked up I don't do no blamin
What's that gon' get me? Nothing; I'm trying to get me somethin
Helicopters flying cause niggaz dyin from semis bustin
My nigga Hulk told me go in the house at ten o'clock
He said ain't no future in the streets dog this shit is hot
Lot of niggaz don't advance in life because they dumb as fuck
Only one thing on they mind is comin up


[Chip Tha Ripper]
Riding down St. Claire, high as fuck I don't care
Floating through the hood at night, crack the window bless the air
Only puff the best in here, take away the stress no fear
Niggaz sure get messed up here, AK Smith & Wessons yeah
Niggaz learn the lesson here, I'm wiser than the rest appear
I fuck with them professors here, want O.G. get the message see it
That's that type of shit that be, on my mind, while I be
zonin rollin blowin tryin to preset this reality
Ladies look at me like I could take 'em to they fantasy
I take 'em to the liquor store, tell 'em get some Hennessy
Then we to the crib - see what she can do and all that
If she got a cold swag, baby I'll call back
I don't trust these hoes, set you up fast jack
Niggaz at your head they find ouy where yo' stash at
Best thing to do is chunk a deuce when I roll through
and try to stay true cause that's what real niggaz do