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Artist: Chip Tha Ripper
Album:  Money (Mixtape)
Song:   That Spot
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Baby girl 5'6
She had to be like a size 5 or 6
I met her at the mall rite in front of footlocker
My nigga bet me 20 I could'ntget her so I
Walked in like I was bout to buy somthin and got to lookin around like I could'ntfind nothin
She walked back in got to lookin at her ass
Den I asked if she had dees in 11 and a half
She was like ooh baby I don't work here
Den I put the shoe bak and I said I new dat
She smiled and got to walkin to the door
But I could'ntlet her go so I walked to tha door to
Den I said come on my niggaz let's go
Pretty girls ain't givin out dey #'s no more
Den I turned around looked at her and she laughed again
Tapped me on the shoulder
N she asked if I had a pen
I said yea deres one in back a my trio
She pulled out her razor I said
I'll traid ya!
Her screen saver said niggaz ain't shit
Dats funny cause mine said money over a bitch
I said I'll call ya
She you betta
Collected 20 $ from my nigga
Den later on got her on the phone like wait til get cha
She like what makes you so special?

[Chorus: 4X]
I no where that spot at girl...