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Artist: Chingon (Fifth Sun)
Album:  Azteca De Oro
Song:   So Sexy
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(Verse 1)
She's so sexy
Can't wait til she lets me
Sexiest thing, never seen the basics
To me
She means to me the world
My queen, I've seen in my dreams, is my girl
Roses on the bed
Roses, where they bed {*wolf whistle*}
Lingerie, many ways to undress
And just to caress
She lets me feel every curve
Til I hit a nerve
Then it's time to serve
Watch me work it
Yeah, baby, work it
Easy does it (Easy does it)
Softly rubs it
Thought it was when it wasn't
I knew she'd love it
The way she hug me
Ever so gently, (???)
Insist we
Together, we knead
Wanna plant a seed
To live in luxury, for the fantasy

Chorus: Chingon
She's so sexy to me
Please, baby, to me
You in the world, would you be my girl
She's so sexy to me
Please, baby, to me
You in the world, would you be my girl
So sexy, sexy

(Verse 2)
Watch me write a rhyme, cause tonight, you're mine
What's your sign, how about, we combine
Some of mine with some of yours, but that's none of yours
But of course, baby doll, it's whatever you say
It's your call (Your call)
And you can have it all, from the second I laid eyes on you
Love at first, for better, for worse
Forever and ever
Together is better, write you a letter
And I'm glad I met her (What's up)
Seen down the block
With my arm around you
Pumpin' that sounds, feel the beats around you
Me and you
Love it when I tease you, love it when I please you
Then sees you
Never stops seeing you
You know I got good thangs (Good thangs)
So what you wanna do?
Just me and you, baby
Stay true
Forever, my lady

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Everything that a lady could have, a man wants
Good look, the walk, the talk, the way she walks
Makes a man stop, take a second glance (What?)
If I could only get one little chance
The curves on your body with them tight ass pants
Make me wanna do you up, when I see you dance
The way you gettin' a stance, baby girl, what's up
Love it up
Live it up
Give it up to me
We could live in luxury, ma, me, you and me
Especially, if it's meant to be
And you're meant for me
And eventually
Would bother me
You look so sweet
So sexy (So sweet)
From your head to your feet (Yeah)
So what you wanna do, all night, yeah, me and you
You know that I want you
And I know you want me
So what's up

Repeat Chorus Twice