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Artist: Chilly Tee
Album:  Get Off Mine
Song:   Thinking of a Master Plan
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(Grab the mic, plug it in and begin)	--> KRS-One

[ VERSE 1 ]
Well, here's another track, backtrack for a second
I reckon I be breakin this, you can pump your fist
I'm not a pacifist or a pugilist, more like a preservist
Dopest on the present list
I'm scoopin up, swoopin up skins in a car
Then the skins stick to me like a booger in a honey jar
I got a stack of these in a knapsack
Give a drum a trunk, I drive a Mac
Blackjack 21, I'm whippin out the dealer
Not a Wheel watcher, I'm a big booty feeler
Drabble, dribble, flipple, zipple, down
Below from shore to shore

[ CHORUS 2x ]
Cause I'm
Thinkin of a master plan
Thinkin of a master plan
I'm thinkin of a master plan
Cause ain't nothin but sweat inside my hand

[ VERSE 2 ]
Hush everybody, hush, papa's on the mic-type
Rollin with the lyrics, put the crowd in a spotlight
_Three The Hard Way_ wrapped up in one
Bad apple drinkin Snapple, snap, crackle, tackle
Tracks like Jason with an axe, givin 40 whacks
To the wack suckers who are skillless, I'm illest
On the microphone I'm sayin let's get it on
To the break of dawn, to the break of dawn
Herb go away, I'm no good for the this scene, you're cold blockin
While I was on the microphone cold rockin
Girl, hold on to your stockings I'm sure
I got a Dawn in every state, from shore to shore


[ 2x ]
(Fat raps, funky fat track)
(Fat raps, funky fat track)
(Fat raps, funky fat track)
(Hoo-ha, how ya like me now)

[ VERSE 3 ]
_Mission Impossible_ impossible
Cause everything's possible, nothing's impossible
Gotta keep ahead, gotta keep my head
As I head back to the front cause the mic got me hype
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch bunch in a bunch
With the Sugar Pie Honeys in a bunch for my lunch
Who's on the mic? I'm on the mic illy
You say that's cold, but I say that's Chilly
T to the r, no need to proceed
With the spelling out letters of my name for the game
I'm rockin, shockin, lockin up the mic
And the girls to the core from shore to shore