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Artist: Chill Rob G
Album:  Ride the Rhythm
Song:   Future Shock
   Verse 1
   My word's food for thought, the mind is like a cafeteria
   Some rappers are inferior, but none are superior
   My voice is choice, I'm one of the chosen
   I might be Chill, but I'm not frozen
   Self-preservation, survival of the better
   Chill Rob plus the seventh letter
   Flyin' off at every angle, can you tangle
   Mix or handle, you don't hold a candle
   To what you're hearin', you don't have a near win
   But it's a clear miss, no wonder you fear this
   And don't get pissed just because I riffed
   I'll tell you what, smoke this:
   I'm the Future Shock...
   Verse 2
   The man, the moment, the mic, the muscle
   The power, the people, the hype, the hustle
   The harder I hit, the smarter you get
   If you're a liar, stay away cos I ain't shovellin' shit
   The edge of night opens doorways to horror
   I'm the guiding light as you search for tomorrow
   Dark shadows terrorize the young and restless
   I'll crash the spot if I'm not on the guest list
   The hands of time in my mind advances fast
   While you recite the first to the last
   Word that I spoke, but no, that's no complaint
   Take my rhyme but use restraint
   If I catch you on the perpetratin' tip, hurtin' your lip
   Well look, you know how it is, I gotta flip
   In ways you would never suspect
   Like do a front semi and land on your neck
   To be precise, correct and exact
   This album is mostly freestyle and feedback
   From the people, it's the sequel
   To 'Dope Rhymes', but this is go for broke time
   Without breakin', makin' no mistakes and
   Takin' no flakes for friends, cos in the end
   They backbite, and you don't wanna get smacked, right?
   So hold tight while your mind takes flight
   Check out a verse or two and see if I can rock
   I'm the Future Shock...
   Verse 3
   Nothin' better to do, so I'll persue this new
   Style, rhythm rockin' and poppin' lip
   Jealous punks pretend it ain't hype but in
   Ten lines or less they're jockin' it
   Reality is my beat, the beat goes on
   Mark creates the beat that Rob rolls on
   Like a musical note or a boat ridin' a wave
   And I hope what I wrote goes with you to your grave
   Save a little for later so I can come back
   My lyrics stick in your brain like a thumbtack
   And if you thought I was slummin', wrong
   You know that I'm comin' strong
   This is a Flavorized drum track
   So take a stand and plan to upraise your hand
   When you agree what I'm speakin' is purely truth
   I rap the style of rhyme that opens up your mind
   To the way things have been since my youth
   Why am I riffin'? Just listen and see if I can rock
   While you be-bop to breaks I drop
   I'm the Future Shock.